Do you want to know about Bikram yoga and weight loss? If yes, dive deep into the confines of this piece of writing for information on the same.

Bikram Yoga And Weight Loss

You’ve probably heard of Lady Gaga and Madonna investing their time in something called Bikram Yoga. It is a fact. But, what exactly does it do and how different is it from regular yoga? All these questions and more will be answered in this piece. Bikram Yoga is where the students are placed in a room for a period of 90 minutes. This room is thermally insulated at 1040C and has a humidity of 40%. During this time the pupils are asked to perform 26 different yoga poses. A big issue that arises when speaking of Bikram yoga is whether it leads to weight reduction. Either ways, there is a possibility of losing some pounds and there is no harm in checking it out! Hot yoga is most often confused with Bikram yoga. The two are similar; only that the latter has more restricted guidelines. To properly understand how Bikram yoga could aid in giving you more health benefits in the future, read the following section.

Weight Loss And Bikram Yoga
Weight loss in Bikram yoga is defined by a simple principle of – B.R.E.A.T.H.E where B stands for beliefs, R for regular yoga routine, E for eating habits, A for acceptance, T for throwing away embarrassments, H for hydration and finally E for excellence. To make it simpler, the above is explained to give you a general idea.

Anything works if you have faith. Weight loss can be achieved if you have a stern belief that balances your inner state as well. Another advantage of Bikram yoga is learning the art of patience and to eat healthy at the same time.

Regular Yoga Routine
If you faithfully follow the eating healthy and working out regime, then there will be specific changes in your body. Cravings will be eliminated and behavioral changes are also seen to affect your body positively. Breathing power and stress management automatically becomes easier. If stress decreases, then that is your ticket to weight loss (altered metabolism). Doing Bikram yoga thrice a week is a good start.

Eating Habits
Extra pounds are shed only if you stick to a healthy and balanced diet plan. Targeting low calories and low fat is a start. Stock up on complex carbohydrates such as brown bread, whole wheat pasta and sweet potatoes for energy.

Self Acceptance
Bikram yoga teaches you to love yourself and accept your nature. Doing so will boost your morale, confidence and emotional stability. This in turn will make you want a better body and losing that flab will be a simpler task!

Throw Away Embarrassments
If you want to attempt Bikram yoga, you will need the determination to overcome all the initial difficulties! So, take control of your weighing scales and don’t let it take control of you. Weight loss management is a slow and rewarding process. So, don’t be discomfited by your progress.

Hydrating yourself with water and juices after a workout is very important. Water melts fat and calories and it is essential in breaking bonds. This form of yoga will be a wasted effort if you don’t drink enough water.

Successful weight loss means excellence in Bikram yoga. You, therefore, will have to follow the right techniques and proper methods prescribed. If you do not do so, your body will fail to respond.

Benefits Of Bikram Yoga 

  • Causes the body to sweat
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Increases the heart beat rate
  • Burns extra calories 
Hope this piece on Bikram yoga and weight loss has given you enough inspiration to opt for it.

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