If you have been thinking of becoming a vegan, then reading more on the health benefits of not eating meat will leave you with another reason to go for it. Explore this article to learn more.

Benefits Of Not Eating Meat

If you thought that you cannot win friends with salad, know that you cannot win great health with meat either! Before you salivate over steaks or dig your prongs to rip off the yummilicious cedar-plank grilled salmon, know that animals are better behind panes of plexiglasses in the zoo or in the jungle and not on your sizzling stone grill or flaming barbecue. If you crave for protein and do not mind escalating your culinary repertoire to luscious lambs, sizzling steaks and sausages, here is some bad news for you. Meat has been frequently linked to a number of health diseases and lifestyle issues and is deemed as the numero uno reason behind hypertension, obesity and high cholesterol. What’s more, pigging out on red meat can wreck havoc on your colon and worse, can offend our health in more ways than one. Not a nice thought, we know! Agreed, that nothing can match up to a finger-licking steak on your plate, but remember, there are thousands of other yummy alternatives to hold you over. If you are not yet convinced fully on the glitches of gloating over animal protein, then reading the following benefits of not eating meat will surely leave you tempted.
Health Benefits Of Not Eating Meat 
  • Think you are a true-blue carnivore and cannot simply do without your dose of high-protein diet every morning, noon and night! Well, before you hop into the butcher’s shop again, know that your digestive system is simply inept for meat. Meat and flesh takes at least four hours to putrefy. The leftovers often cling to the stomach and intestine walls and takes longer time to expel. Eating too much meat can thus cause real trouble in the colon and at times lead to a more serious concern of colon cancer as well.  
  • This one is especially for the red meat addicts! Meat not only clogs your thoughts, but also jambs your arteries. Meat, especially red meats like lamb and beef contains higher levels of saturated fats that is highly damaging to your cardiovascular health. What more, meats that look unnaturally red often have cheap dyes on them and can often do more harm than good to your health. If you wish to do some damage control, chuck the meat and switch on to a vegan to enjoy good life and higher longevity.
  • No matter how big a self-confessed true-blue carnivore you are, hogging on too much meat and too often will only multiply your medical bills. Excessive intake of meat can leave your body high on cholesterol and calories. Trading a few slices of sausage with fresh veggies and fruits can leave you high on essential nutrients and cut down the risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, arthritis and more.
  • Scientific researches and health studies have affirmed that eating vegetarian food lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease than a non-vegetarian diet.  Regular consumption of meat has been found to increase protein levels in the body and can even trigger severe calcium deficiency in the bones leading to the risk of osteoporosis. So if you wish to live a fit life, saying ‘no’ to meat can save you from the woe.
  • Consuming a high-protein diet and red meat, can overly stress the kidneys and lead to kidney stones and gallstones. What’s more, meat has often been related to cancer and can be highly damaging to your colon, hormones and more. Animal meat is usually high on fat and low on fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals, which makes it an unhealthy and carcinogenic choice.

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