Are you planning a visit to the spa, but are wondering whether the investment is worth it? If yes, read on to learn about aromatherapy massage oils and the benefits of using them.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Aromatherapy is the traditional science of healing that dates back to time immemorial. The word ‘aromatherapy’ can be divided into two words, “aroma” meaning fragrance and “therapy” meaning treatment. Various plants, flowers and their essences have been used for the purpose of relaxation, healing and soothing by ancient Indian, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. Various plants, the parts of which contained certain medicinal properties were brought to use by ancient people in order to treat health issues and also to relax their body and mind. The ancient Egyptians were the first people who started using essential oils extracted out of the different aromatic plants and used them for medicinal, cosmetic and other purposes. These essential oils are today widely used in many spas and health centres with more and more people making use of the beneficial properties of these services. Read on  to know more about the list of essential oils used in aromatherapy and the effects they have on the human body.

Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

Bergamot is one essential oil used commonly for aromatherapy. The oil has a cooling, relaxing and soothing effect on the brain and calms it down from all worries and tension. Bergamot also helps in dealing with insomnia and anxiety. This oil is also used in clinics to help patients dealing with depression.

Cardamom is a spice that is used in aromatherapy. It is a spicy and fresh spice that helps maintain balance in the body when inhaled. It also helps in increasing concentration levels, a sense of direction and is also said to induce confidence and courage in a person.

Eucalyptus Lemon
Eucalyptus lemon is another essential oil that has a calming and soothing effect on both body and mind of a person. Eucalyptus lemon is generally used to treat muscle aches because of its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities. It can also be used as an antiseptic and in the treatment of fungal infections. 

Cypress is yet another herb that is widely used in aromatherapy. It is known to enhance the skin, which makes it popular for body toning. Cypress is also effective in the treatment of sore throats, varicose vein problems, muscle cramps, arthritis, nervous tension and stress.

Sweet Fennel
Sweet fennel has a warm and sweet aroma which if inhaled can work wonders for the digestive system, healing of nausea and colic complications. This oil when used in aromatherapy will de-stress your body and mind and will drive out tension thereby relaxing you. 

The extract of essential oils from this herb is known to have a wonderful effect on the functioning of the heart of a person. This herb is also used to heal scars and joint pains associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The oil derived from this plant is used in aromatherapy because of its anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties.

Jasmine Sambac
The jasmine is a flower that has been used as an antidepressant and aphrodisiac for many years. It is known for its romantic and sensuous aroma. The oil extracted from this flower helps in inducing confidence and optimism in a person and also helps in fighting anxiety, fear and panic.

Peppermint is a beneficial herb that can be used to deal with a number of problems such as nausea, indigestion, headaches, liver problems and inflammation. The mint is stimulating to the mind and enhances concentration and memory power.

Benefits Of Aromatherapy Oils
  • There are numerous benefits of aromatherapy massage oils. Undergoing an aromatherapy session will uplift your mood since the essential oils enter through the olfactory system and effectively contact the nervous system. This not only helps in uplifting ones mood, but also revitalizes energy.
  • Aromatherapy massage oils also help in reducing stress and speed up therapeutic processes in the body. These oils also are rich in few cosmetic properties and can provide complete skin care.
  • These oils are furthermore rich in anti-viral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties and therefore can also be used in antiseptic lotions in moderation.

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