To deal with a hangover, it is essential for you to recognize the symptoms of the same. Traverse through the fine lines of this article to know more about alcohol hangover symptoms.

Alcohol Hangover Symptoms

Would you think of alcohol as a ‘magic potion? Well, in one way, it surely is a magic potion. When you are down and out, it’s alcohol that can help to raise your spirits to unattainable heights and give wings to your mood. If you look at it from a fresh perspective, you will know why alcohol is called a spirit. It’s because a peg of alcohol can lift your sodden spirits to great heights and drive you from melancholy to a state of sheer bliss. However, with alcohol, it’s not just about the high, it’s also about the low! Just like how alcohol can give you wings, it can also cut them short, which in turn can only bring you crashing down. For the ‘crashing down’ or ‘the fall’, there is a better term- ‘hangover’. People all over the world dread hangovers for it always leaves them with a little more than just a pounding head. Read on to discover for yourself the obvious symptoms of an alcoholic hangover.
Symptoms Of Alcohol Hangover
  • To speak the truth, it is very easy to tell if you or your friend is experiencing a hangover. A person who is blitzed will experience overall fatigue during the morning after. The hangover can also make the affected person feel extremely thirsty and considerably weak too.
  • The nasty sting of pain can easily inflict its harm on a person experiencing a hangover. In most circumstances, a person going through a hangover will experience subtle to sharp headaches. The muscles of the victim can also hurt when in a hung-over stage.
  • Try observing the mood of a person who you know has been on a bizarre drinking spree. You will notice that the individual will seem to be irritable, depressed and overtly anxious. This really is one of the biggest flipsides of alcohol. While it may all seem like fun and play during the first three pegs, when you knock your ‘x’ number of drink during your binge-drinking session, the next morning is likely to be a pain for you. This is exactly why it is particularly advisable to never cross your limits with alcohol.
  • Hangovers are bad news in more ways than you can ever imagine. Anyone who knows a thing or two about hangovers will tell you that ‘hyperactivity’ is one of the distinct symptoms of alcohol hangover. A person experiencing a hangover will almost always have to put up with frequent tremors and break into sweat at the drop of a hat. An increase in the rate of the pulse and systolic blood pressure too is bound to be experienced by a person down with a nasty hangover.
  • Not many people may know this, but after a night of drinking-spree, a hung-over person may have to deal with vertigo. Another easily recognizable symptom of a hangover is a decrease in the span of attention.
  • The REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep is when a person gets to rest the most. However, a person experiencing a hangover will find it extremely difficult to break into the REM stage of sleep. This may not make for a very noticeable symptom of a hangover. Nevertheless, it is one of the major signs of hangover.
  • Gastrointestinal ailments make for yet another symptom of hangover. Of all the gastrointestinal ailments that can plague a hung-over person, vomiting makes for the most obvious one. A person who is completely sloshed will not just throw up immediately after consuming a ‘thousand’ drinks. In fact, a hung-over person can go on a puking-spree after bombing his system with excessive alcohol.
With these many flipsides to drinking and hangover, it's best to withhold yourself from going overboard with your pegs. Not only will it save you from a nasty headache, nausea and weakness the next day, but will also save your senses from going haywire. Know that with alcohol, moderation is the key!

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