Ajanta caves in India are known for their beautiful fresco paintings. Find more on Ajanta caves and paintings.

Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves, situated in Maharashtra, are world renowned for their unique and exquisite paintings. These Buddhist caves are one of a kind in entire India. Regarded as one of the World Heritage Sites, the caves date back to the 2nd century. There are around 30 caves here, each one of which is rendered as an art master piece. Ajanta caves comprise of both worship places and monasteries for the Buddhist monks. The paintings depict stories from Jataka stories and scenes from the life of Lord Buddha.
Ajanta Caves
Ajanta caves are located in an isolated and tranquil spot, amidst a huge rock. The main aim behind the construction of these caves was to provide shelter as well as holy place to the Buddhist monks, who intended to spread the principles of Buddhism, throughout the world. The antiquity of the caves is fortified by the fact that some of them were built even before the birth of Christ. The architecture and the sculptures, with which the caves are adorned, are superbly marvelous.
The caves at Ajanta are a delight for the tourists. Thousand of travelers travel to Ajanta to explore the wonderful caves. There are in all thirty caves, which are the living example of the skilled craftsmanship and masonry of the yore. All the caves are completely distinct from each other in terms of architecture, paintings, style of paintings etc. The construction period of Ajanta caves can be easily segmented into two. Moreover, these caves throw light on the rich cultural and religious heritage of India. 
Ajanta Cave Paintings
The most striking feature of Ajanta caves is the paintings decorating its walls. Though the paintings have lost much of their glory of the past, still their beauty and detailed work is mesmerizing. Some of the paintings at these caves date back to the 5th and 6th century. The mud plaster ground was used as the base for these paintings, giving them durability. The paintings are mainly dedicated to the Buddhist religion. However, some of them also exhibit semi mythological history. Few paintings are even based on Greek and Roman proportions and compositions whereas, the rest are totally Indian.
Other Attractions
Besides the wonderful Ajanta caves, there are other magnificent caves in the vicinity of Ajanta. The most popular of them are the Ellora caves and the Aurangabad Caves. While visiting the Ajanta caves one must ensure to visit the Ellora and Aurangabad caves as well.
Where to Stay
Due to its eternal beauty and splendor, Ajanta caves are regarded as one of the finest architectural specimens in India. This has made the place a tourist hub attracting thousands of visitors from near and far. Thus, to make their trip pleasurable and hassle free, there are a number of hotels in Aurangabad district, ranging from plush five stars to the reasonable budget hotels. You can also book a customised Ajanta caves tour by visiting this site on India travel.
How to Reach
By Air
The closest Airport from Ajanta Caves is Aurangabad Domestic Airport. It lies at a distance of 100 km and has direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai international Airports.
By Rail
The closest Railway Station to the Ajanta caves is that of Jalgaon. It is at a distance of 60 km from the caves and runs regular super fast, express, mail and passenger trains to and from Aurangabad, Mumbai and other major cities in of Maharashtra.
By Road
Ajanta Caves are well connected via road. There is an efficient road network connecting the place with the key cities of India. The major cities linked with Ajanta caves include Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Shirdi, Nasik, Dhule, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Indore, Bijapur, and Aurangabad. Direct buses and taxis are available between Aurangabad and Ajanta Caves.

Ajanta Caves  
Ajanta Cave Painting  
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