Acupressure is a traditional Chinese massage used for relieving a number of ailments, headaches being one of them. Read the article to know how to use acupressure for headaches.

Acupressure For Headaches

Headache is a common condition faced by almost everyone. While normally people indulge in taking over-the-counter pills to cure the banging sensation, headaches can, however, be treated naturally. Acupressure is an easy, quick and one of the best natural solutions to relieve headaches and wide range of other health problems instantly. There are different causes of headaches, the major being emotional stress, nervousness and anxiety, tension, stiff neck and shoulders, hangover, common cold and flu, tiredness, menstruation and menopause.  The technique of acupressure originated in China and has now gained immense popularity and acceptability throughout the world. Acupressure makes the use of fingers, elbows, feet and other special devices like acupressure balls and mats, to simulate acupressure points. Read on further to know how to use acupressure for relieving headaches.
How To Use Acupressure For Headaches
Gall Bladder 20 or Gb 20
The Gb 20 pressure point is located at the base of the skull. It is a dent felt between the junction of your neck and back of your head. Feel the protruding skull bone behind the ear with your fingers and move it downwards slightly towards the spine. Move it till your finger tips can feel a deep depression. Hold it and apply direct pressure for 2 to 3 minutes. This acupressure is good for relieving occipital and temporal headaches in the temple region and the sides of the head.
Large Intestine 4 or Li 4
This is one of the best known acupressure points for relieving headaches. Research indicates that Li 4 modulates our limbic system, thereby altering our body’s response to pain. The Li 4 is located on the back of our hand in the web between the thumb and the fore finger. Press this point using the thumb of the other finger for 2 to 3 minutes. Gently massage later on using gentle strokes towards the wrist for about 2 minutes. This acupressure point is great for headaches in the front of the face. However, pregnant women should avoid this acupressure point, as it can induce uterine contractions.
Liver 3 or Lv 3
Locate this acupressure point in the space between the big toe and the first toe, along the tarsal bones on the top of the foot. Start massaging in the web between the two toes and move backwards till you find the tenderest location, where the two tarsal bones meet. This point is used to relieve pain behind the eyes and reduce stress.
Triple Heater 3 and Gall Bladder 41
The Triple Heater acupressure point is located behind your hand, between the carpal bones of your ring and little finger. Starting from the knuckle, press the space between the two bones and move towards the wrist till you find the most active spot. For locating the Gall Bladder 41 acupressure point, press the area between your fourth and fifth toe and move backwards, till you find thick tendon and feel the meeting of the two tarsal bones in the foot. Both these acupressure points help in easing a temporal headache.
Small Intestine 3
This acupressure is located on the side of the fifth carpal bone (little finger). While pressing deeply, find the most sensitive point behind the knuckle. Stimulate this point on both sides of the body to relieve headaches in the occipital region. This also helps in relaxing the neck tension.

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