Did you know that pressing the right pressure points of your body can aid weight loss significantly? Go through the article, to know more on uses of acupressure for weight control.

Acupressure For Weight Loss

Have you ever gawked at your reflection and fretted over your ballooning figure, desperately wishing for the nightmare to get over? Overweight is indeed a weighty concern for many of us, but getting rid of those extra kilos seems to take more than just the concern. Agreed, gymming and fitness exercise is the mantra to that covetous body shape, but most often going up the treadmill seems to take ages. Ever wished for an easy way to get rid of that extra flab, without investing time, effort and money in the grueling fitness sessions! Well, finally you have one easy, effective and extremely beneficial way of knocking down all those extra flab. Believe it or not, acupressure is found to be an exceedingly helpful measure in losing weight. It can help you to lose up to seven pounds in a week. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it! Just get on playing with your fingers and watch your weight dipping in a matter of weeks. If you are wondering how acupressure can help you lose weight, understanding how it works might help you dig deeper into its benefits. Acupressure checks appetite, boosts digestion and kicks metabolism, by stimulating certain specific pressure points. Here are some acupressure remedies for you. Press the right points and get a new and glamorous you.
Acupressure For Weight Control
  • The first way to lose weight is to stamp down your overweening appetite. And the best place to kickoff is the ‘appetite control’ ear point. Stimulating your ear point brings down hunger drastically, actuating you to consume less and burn more calories. Ear points are located in the ears. Turn to a mirror and position your fingers on your jaw, in front of your ears. Open and close your mouth a few times until you feel your jaw bone moving under your fingers. Put one finger where you feel most of the jaw movement. Your finger should be right next to a little fleshy protrusion of the ear (not the ear lobe). Grab this part of the ear with your thumb and index finger and press with steady pressure.
  • The next pressure point to go for is the spleen 6, which is known to regulate and boost digestive system. This pressure point is positioned just above the ankle bone. From the center of the ankle bone, glide up four finger widths. The point is located just off the bone, towards the rear of the leg. As you locate the point, be sure to push it gently with your thumb or knuckle. Heighten pressure gradually until you are pressing quite firmly, hold about a minute, and gradually release. Refrain this, if you are pregnant.
  • Next point is the stomach 36 that nourishes the chi and blood. This pressure point is located four finger widths below the lower border of the kneecap and one finger width off the shin bone to the outside. Once you have located the point, hold on for one minute, before releasing the pressure.
  • Spleen 9 is another pressure point that regulates water metabolism in the body. This point is close to stomach 36. This point is across the shinbone, until you are just off the shinbone on the inside side of the leg. Now, slide your finger upwards along the shinbone towards the knee about an inch, until you fall into a natural depression.
  • Other important pressure points are Stomach 40 (St 40), an important point for clearing excess damp and phlegm and eliminating excess weight. Large Intestine 11 (Li 11), which is located at the outer end of your elbow crease on the thumb side, helps to clear excess heat and damp from the body and adjust intestinal activity.
  • Acupressure weight control starts with the application of pressure on the appetite control point. Thereafter, other points are stimulated. The session ends with pressing the appetite control point on both the ears.
  • The pressure points are pressed or massaged for a few seconds.
  • After 5 to 10 seconds, the pressure applied on them is relieved for some time, and then applied again. The entire process for each pressure point is repeated for five times.

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