WiMax is another revolution in the wireless broadband technology. Find out more about the WiMax technology and its prospects in India.

WiMax In India

WiMax is the new wireless broadband technology, which intends to revolutionize the entire broadband industry. The technology will facilitate high speed broadband internet access to domestic as well as corporate users. In comparison to other local area technologies, which operate within a small area, WiMax will cover wide metropolitan and rural regions. Moreover, it will provide quick internet access to the places which are difficult to wire by the cellular providers.
Solution to the Problem
Being a developing country, India does not have a proper telecom infrastructure at all the places. In remote areas the connections are mainly through copper cables, DSL and fiber optic, which is a costly affair; as the roads are dug to lay the cables. However, the installation cost can be drastically cut down via wireless connections. This brings WiMax in the picture, which serves as a lucrative alternative for the same.
India lacks a well developed wired infrastructure, throughout its wide expanse. In such a case, WiMax is the ideal way to extend internet services to different parts of the country. This is possible because WiMax transcends signals over many other channels, which are less cluttered than WiFi. As a result, the signals broadcast by WiMax are less prone to interference and can travel up to a distance of 30 miles. Moreover, its network connectivity in metropolitan areas extends up to 75 Mbps, with applications including last-mile broadband connections, hotspot and cellular back-haul, and high-speed enterprise connectivity for businesses.

Realizing the immense potential of WiMax technology, many private cellular and IT players are taking a leap, in order to cater to the emerging needs of the Indian markets. Leading the bandwagon is Intel, which aims at building wireless infrastructure in India, focusing mainly on rural areas. Following suit is Bharati Airtel, which intends to diversify its present broadband, fixed and cellular infrastructure in different parts of India, providing quality and affordable broadband data services to its customers.

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