In this article, we tell you what are hydrosols or floral waters. We also talk about the benefits and properties of various kinds of hydrosols.

What Are Hydrosols Waters

Simply put, hydrosols water is the water that remains after production of an essential oil via steam or the process of water distillation. The water which is used for the oil distillation has a wonderful aroma and even has some medicinal properties in it. The hydrosol also offers some therapeutic benefits and is also widely used for aromatherapy purposes.
There are certain plants which are distilled for the hydrosol instead of the by-product that they produce. However, it is always useful to have a sound knowledge about the hydrosols. Keep in mind that sometimes water, blended with essential oils is sold by vendors as floral water or hydrosols waters. This is fake water; so always be sure to ask the specifics about the floral water that is on sale.
Hydrosols are essentially used to create facial toners and other skin products. They can also be used for bathing, or as a light cologne or body spray. Some of the most commonly used hydrosols include rose, roman chamomile, neroli and lavender.
Types of Hydrosols & their Benefits
Carrot Seed Hydrosols (Daucus Carota) - Carrot seed hydrosols can be very useful for those who have a mature or damaged skin. They is really helpful for regenerating purposes, as they have good regenerative properties. They can also help with wrinkles and premature aging. Not only this, carrot seed hydrosols are also very beneficial against eczema and various inflammations like bug bites, razor rashes, etc. and even psoriasis.
Chamomile, Roman Hydrosols (Anthemis nobilis) - This type of hydrosol is very useful for people who have an extra sensitive skin. It is good for various types of skin, like, normal, dry, sensitive, allergy prone and mature. The chamomile roman hydrosols can also be used for fighting depression, due to its soothing nature. It also helps to relieve stress.
Cistus Hydrosols (Cistus Lananifer) - Cistus hydrosols help to minimize the effects of aging, wrinkles, dry and chapped skin and skin rashes. This is so because cistus hydrosol has a crisp aroma.
Helichrysum Hydrosols (Helichrysum italicum) - Helichrysum hydrosols are particularly useful for irritated or inflammated skin and eczema. They can also cure scarring, rosacea, eczema, bug bites, cuts and other types of skin reactions. This is perhaps, the best type of hydrosol when it comes to solving various skin related problems.
Lavender Hydrosols (Lavender officianalis) - Lavender hydrosols are especially helpful for people who have trouble sleeping at nights. This is so because lavender is emotionally and physically very balancing. It is very beneficial for people who have sensitive, damaged, normal, oily or a combination skin type. Lavender has regenerative properties and it can be used as a facial or as a toner as well.
Neroli Hydrosols (Orange Blossom/Citrus aurantium) - Neroli hydrosols are good for people who have mature or oily skin due to their various relaxing properties. They also make for a wonderful pillow mist and help to relax the stressed nerves.

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