Vitamin D is important for health, but sometimes can be harmful too. Therefore, correct knowledge of vitamin D side effects is highly required. Read on to know the side effects of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Side Effects

Have you ever been told to consume vitamin-rich foods? Do you rely on vitamins to gain health and energy? Of course, yes. Since childhood, we have been coaxed and cajoled all the time to indulge in vitamins and minerals in adequate quantity to attain a healthy body. Out of the huge range of vitamins, vitamin D plays a crucial role in the overall healthy growth of both body and mind. It works greatly to make the bones and teeth stronger and resistant. Apart from this, it also helps the digestive system of the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous. Several dairy products are a good source of vitamin D. It can also be taken as a pill. Even sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. Agreed, vitamins are quite essential in the diet of the human, but did you know that excess of vitamin D consumption can harm us too? Shocked, aren’t you? Don’t be amazed, for it is also true that due to the deficiency of vitamin D, our body can encounter several side effects and diseases. In the following lines, we have listed several side effects of vitamin D, caused both after an overdose and due to deficiency.
Adverse Effects Of Excess Vitamin D
  • The main function of vitamin D is to absorb calcium during digestion from the intestine. It also maintains the correct level of calcium and phosphorous in the blood cells. Its overdose can be quite harmful, as that would lead to the calcification of the soft tissue in the body.
  • Kidney plays a major role in the process of digestion. Overdose of vitamin D can result in the growth of kidney stones. This is quite a dangerous and painful condition.  
  • Excess of vitamin D causes production of urine in large quantity, which, in turn, can give rise to a disease called nocturia. In this disease, a person has to wake up several times in the night to pass urine. This frequent waking up disturbs the sleep pattern and puts a stress on the mind, which may give birth to numerous other diseases.  
  • When the level of vitamin D rises up in the blood cells, a condition called hypocalcaemia arises in the body.  Under this dreadful condition, victim suffers from excessive thirst, muscle weakening, muscle cramps, pain in the abdomen and lethargy.
  • An excess of vitamin D may also increase the risk of several diseases like heart, blood pressure, etc.
Adverse Effects Of Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Deficiency of vitamin D prompts many diseases to attack the body. One of the most common of them is rickets. In simple terms, it can be defined as bone deformity that occurs mainly in children.
  • Adult victims of the deficiency of vitamin D become prone to the disease called osteomalacia. In this disease, the muscle and bones turns weak and thus, lose strength.
  • Vitamin D deficiency can also give rise to severe pain in muscles, bones, joints and constant backache.
  • These diseases due to the deficiency of vitamin D may also accompany obesity, skin pigmentation and inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Its deficiency can also baffle the production of insulin and therefore the body grips type 2 diabetes. 
  • Lack of vitamin D also adversely affects the functioning of the nervous system. Due to this hampering in the working of the nervous system, a person may suffer from psychological problems like depression. 
  • Its deficiency can also be one of the reasons of aging also.
So now when you know the several side effects of vitamin D, remember to feed your body with right and balanced amount of the vitamin D, as both overdose and deficiency can trigger some severe and drastic health problems.

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