A time to express love and appreciation, Valentine’s Day is celebrated through different traditions across the world. Explore this article to know more on worldwide Valentine's Day traditions.

Valentine's Day Traditions

A day that represents love and romance, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th every year around the world. In fact, the whole month is observed as a reason of romance, happiness, joy and celebration. It is a day when all the people take out time from their busy schedules to spend valuable time with their beloveds. The universal symbols of this day are flowers (especially roses), candy and greeting cards. Other common associations are chocolates, doilies, hearts, jewelry and diamonds. Valentine's Day is celebrated in different ways by different cultures. Read on further to know about the various Valentine's Day traditions in different countries around the world.
Worldwide Valentines Day Traditions
Valentine’s Day in Australia
The Aussies observe this occasion in their own unique style. They celebrate the day as an opportunity to strengthen the bond of romance between two people in love. It also celebrates the bond between friends, family and acquaintances. Valentine's Day in Australia has a unique history connecting people here.
Valentine’s Day in Canada 
The Canadians mark this day to celebrate three special words: love, emotion and romance. The festival is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm though it is not a public holiday. In due course, Valentine's Day in Canada has emerged as a big occasion for people to profess their love for their partner and sweetheart.
Valentine’s Day in France 
A day of love and romance, Valentine's Day is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm in France. People from all age groups observe this day and preparations begin much before the day arrives. Partners exchange cards, flowers, chocolates and other tokens of love where they commit themselves to their beloved.
Valentine’s Day in India 
With a strong cultural and traditional background, Valentine's Day has been welcomed and embraced with open arms in India. The day is observed to express and convey one’s feelings and emotions. The major attractions are roses, cupid, heart shaped imprints, cards, candies and chocolates.
Valentine’s Day in Japan 
Valentine's Day is not only celebrated by the couples, but also by friends, family, colleagues and other acquaintances in Japan. The entire festival is like a rollercoaster ride of fun and enjoyment that includes parties, clubbing and fiestas. The occasion is a delightful break from the monotonous routine of a daily life.
Valentine’s Day in Russia 
The Russians mark this day to celebrate love and togetherness. The occasion is observed as a public holiday here. An event of sheer intimacy and closeness, the major attractions are party, dance, music, food and wine. The symbols of Valentine's Day here are flower bouquets, especially the red roses, and chocolates.
Valentine’s Day in United Kingdom
United Kingdom celebrates Valentine's Day to manifest love for one’s family, for friends and for romantic love. Observed with pomp, glory and gaiety, the British gift Valentine's Day cards and other tokens of love to their partners just as the custom id marked in other countries.

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