Improve your physical fitness by including some fun-filled and exciting Pilate exercises into your workout routine. Browse through this article to learn different types of Pilate exercises.

Types Of Pilates

Over the last one decade, there has been one exercise that has been storming all fitness centers and gyms. That is the Pilates. Right from dancers to footballers, everyone is doing them. And why shouldn’t they? After all, Pilates are said to be benefiting a person’s mental strength as much as they enhance physical power. So whether you want to improve flexibility, posture, relaxation, or strength without adding on extra muscle mass, Pilates are at your service. They focus on all aspects of bodily health incorporating workouts for abdominal, leg, arm, and back muscles. While some Pilates use machine, others focus on one’s own body and some use specialized equipment designed only for a particular kind of Pilates. Further, some Pilates include slow and controlled movements, while others are pretty fast. Read on further to find out the different kinds of Pilates exercises. Try them out and see the changes in the look, feel and performance of your body.
Different Kinds Of Pilates Exercises
Stott Pilates Exercises
Stott Pilates are carried out to retain the natural curve of the spine and balancing the muscles and joints around the spine. Compared to the traditional Pilates, Stott Pilates provide several benefits, such as longer and leaner muscles, improved posture, prevention of injuries, and improved balance, flexibility and strength. Additionally, these exercises strengthen and tone the body without creating a bulky appearance and adding much pressure to the joints. They center on breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement.
Winsor Pilates Exercises
Winsor Pilates is one of the more well-known Pilates that were developed by Mari Winsor, dancer and teacher in Hollywood, California. These Pilates burn calories providing the required strength. Based on the traditional Pilates, these exercises concentrate on deep stretching and focused breathing. Those willing to lose weight, Winsor Pilates combined with cardio activities are best to burn extra calories.
Pilates Reformer Exercises
Pilates reformer exercises make use of special resistance equipment to strengthen the muscles and increase their flexibility. The machine has a moving carriage that is loaded with a spring, which adds resistance to the workout. The machine moves by pressing the foot bar or tugging on special pulleys.
Power Pilates Exercises
Similar to yoga, power Pilates focus on building strong muscles while yoga centers on meditation and mind. Power Pilates work to deliver you all the benefits of yoga without being extremely supple as in yoga. However, power Pilates requires different equipments to perform different movements to stretch and strengthen muscles, without adding any bulk. As a result, you have an increased stamina, transformed body and mind, improved health and a new physical well being.
Pilates Cadillac Exercises
Initially developed as a part of a training program for golf performers, pilates cadillac exercises work out on every muscle group to build muscles and improve their flexibility. To perform these exercises, one requires a 6-foot tall piece of equipment that features leg springs, arm springs, hanging loops, push-through bar, and a trapeze. Due to the large size of the equipment, this machine can only be found at private pilates sessions.

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