Goldfish are probably the most popular of all aquarium fishes. Navigate through this write up to get to know the different species of goldfish.

Types Of Goldfish

Goldfish are fine-looking fish and are the distant relatives of the carp. Goldfish today are one of the most popular of all aquarium fishes because of their vibrant and beautiful appearance. Goldfish are hardy aquatic creatures and it is for this reason that it becomes quite easy to take care of any species of goldfish. Taking care of a goldfish is much easier than caring for any other type of fish. There are several species of goldfish, but their external features are what make them different from one another. Some of the common features that can be found in almost all the species of goldfish are their extended bodies, red backs, golden sides, and yellowish red bellies and orange or yellow fins. If you are in awe of these good-looking creatures and want to know more about them, the read through this article. 

Different Species Of Goldfish

Common Goldfish
The common goldfish is the most common species of goldfish that is available in various colours like orange, red, blue and brown. The common goldfish is a cold water fish, and therefore should not be placed in the tank with other exotic goldfish varieties. These goldfish varieties are usually used to feed larger fish.

Comet Goldfish
The comet goldfish is a hardy goldfish and is a good for a beginner to keep. The comet has a long and slender body with a long tail, and is red, white, orange and yellow in colour. It is a species of goldfish that is suitable for garden ponds and cold water aquariums because of its high tolerance to cold water. It is a quick swimmer because of their tail.

Black Moore
The ‘black moore’ is a famous species of goldfish because of its unique colour. This species of goldfish can grow up to 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. The black moore is a playful species and should be kept among other varieties of goldfish for them to be comfortable. The black moore has a short, round stomach, a split tail fin and 2 big round eyes on the sides of its head. This variety of goldfish has a lifespan of about 17 years!

Bubble Eye
The bubble eye species of goldfish is delicate and is usually orange and white in colour. One feature that makes this specie stand apart is its upward facing eyes and big “bubble” sacks below the eyes. The bubble eye doesn’t have dorsal fins and is best kept away from other energetic species of goldfish.

This specie of goldfish sports a hump back starting just after its head. The ryukin goldfish is gentle and is often fed vegetarian protein mixture. This fish can grow up to 6 inch long. This species of goldfish loves to explore its surroundings, and therefore this calls for a few plants in your tank. The ryukin come in colours like calico, red and white and orange. It has a short, round body and a high humped back.

Crown Pearlscale
Another famous species of goldfish is the crown pearlscale. The fish got its name because of its creamy-white scales, which in turn makes the round body of this fish look like it has been covered with pearls. Red and white are the most common colours in which crown pearlscale can be found. It is a gentle but impulsive variety of goldfish.

Fantail Goldfish
This variety has an egg shaped body and high dorsal fins making the fish look adorable and beautiful. It is a good choice for novices since it is simple to look after. This species can live up to 20 years of age and come in hues of orange, black on orange and white and orange colour combinations.

Oranda Goldfish
This is another admirable species of goldfish, quite popular among people who love to look after fish as pets. This variety is adorable because of its striking appearance. What more, it can live up to 16 years! Black, midnight blue, calico, blue, lemon and red are the common colours in which oranda goldfish can be found.

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