Do your children show temper tantrums daily? Are you aware of the causes and symptoms of such a behavior in your kids and know how to deal with it? If no, explore this article & get all the answers.

Temper Tantrums In Children

Does your child's supersonic, ear shattering and teeth-jarring scream ruin your peace of mind on a regular basis? Does your kid throws temper tantrums daily? If yes, then you need not be flabbergasted, because majority of the parents face the same problem. It is proven that children up to the age of four throw temper tantrums for the silliest of reasons as well. Such a behavior, shown by small children, is characterized by whining, crying, screaming, kicking, hitting on the floor or walls, or similar actions that seem and sound very annoying.
According to latest studies, as much as 91% of kids in the age group of 30-36 months are found to throw temper tantrums. A bit older (42-48 months old) and younger (18-24 months old) kids also show such a behavior, but their percentage is comparatively quite low. Temper tantrums can be downright frustrating for parents. However, instead of considering them as a catastrophe, parents should try to explore the causes of temper tantrums in their kids and ways to control them. Explore the article to know how to deal with temper tantrums in children.
Causes of Children's Temper Tantrum
  • Children generally throw temper tantrums when they are tired, hungry or uncomfortable. They also exhibit such a behavior when they can't get something or when their parents do something against their will.
  • For many children, throwing temper tantrums is an attention seeking tactic. They might scream, cry or display similar behavior just to seek their parents' attention, when they feel that they are being ignored.
  • Poor health condition is another factor for such a behavior in children. Whenever they are sick or tired, they would scream, whine or cry. This is because unlike adults, kids not have the same level of inhibitions or control.
  • Autism, a neurological problem, is yet another cause of temper tantrums in kids. It is a condition wherein the kids fail to communicate to the rest of the world or express themselves using words.
  • For kids, tantrum is one of the tools at their disposal, for venting frustration, when they are not able to accomplish a task.
  • Stress in a child's environment is another cause for temper tantrums. If he/she is not given due love and protection, he/she might adopt this method to gain sympathy or attention.
How To Deal With Temper Tantrums In Kids
  • First, find the reasons that trigger temper tantrums in your kid, wherein his/her emotions escalate to a point, which he/she cannot control them. Know whether your child repeats a behavior to seek attention, is ill or isn’t able to express his/her wish.
  • If your child throws temper tantrums just to seek attention, then ignoring such a behavior would be the best bet. If it is because of a medical condition, take him/her to a doctor and provide proper care.
  • Try to prevent the situations that make your child indulge in temper tantrums. For instance, do not make your kid feel that he/she is not cared for, soothe your child when he/she is ill, and so on.
  • Staying calm and cool headed is the best way to deal with temper tantrums. Do not overreact in rage, because if you lose your temper, even the child would react more aggressively.
  • 'Remove' your children from the situation, which triggers the temper tantrums, unless he/she calms down. This technique is called 'time-out' and is best suited for children in the age group of 30-36 months.

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