Are you anxious about your teen’s behavior disorder? Here is some information on the common symptoms, causes and parental strategies to deal with this disorder.

Teen Behavior Disorder

Behavior disorder is a common disorder that can happen to teens and children. A pattern of disruptive and aggressive behavior is the most common sign of this disorder. Although, emotional ups and downs are common during the adolescent period due to the change of various hormones in the body, it is considered to be behavior disorder when it is long-lasting and goes against the norms of normal behavior. Parenting a teenager is often challenging as it is extremely important to understand the child’s frequent mood swings. If not treated on time, teen behavior disorder can lead to personality disorders when the teen grows up. Depending upon the severity of the condition, age, and few other factors, behavior disorder can be treated using psychotherapy and medication or a combination of both. Psychotherapy is beneficial for anger management while cognitive behavioral therapy helps the child to improve their thinking ability. Medications are often used to alleviate other symptoms like ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ (ADHD) and severe depression. Teenagers with behavior disorder need a lot of support, care, and love from their family to help reduce symptoms. Although, there is no ways to prevent the disorder, early intervention helps the child to minimize the distress.

Symptoms And Causes Of Behavior Disorders In Teens

Symptoms Of Behavior Disorders In Teens

Symptoms of the behavior disorder vary from individual to individual depending on the age and severity of the condition. However, the most common symptoms can be categorized into the following four stages.

Destructive Behavior

The child shows a pattern of behavior that includes intentional destruction of property. Common destructive behavior includes arson or setting fire deliberately.

Aggressive Behavior

Harming or threatening themselves, other people or pets, and forcing others to sexual activity are common traits of aggressive behavior.

Violation of Rules

This is another common trait often seen in teenagers with behavior disorders. Going against the rules of the society, disobeying parents and seniors, or engaged in behavior not common to the age of the child are some of the frequently shown traits by patients.

Deceitful Behavior

Shoplifting, stealing, and lying are the most common characters of patients.

Causes Of Behavior Disorders In Teens

Although, the exact cause of behavior disorder is not known, it is believed that a combination of several factors may trigger this kind of disorder among teens.


Childhood brain injuries can lead to behavior disorders in some teenagers.


Social factors like poor socioeconomic status and constant rejection by peers may also lead to behavior disorders in teenagers.


Teenagers with close relatives or parents suffering from mental illness are at risk of exhibiting personality disorder.


Many environmental causes like childhood abuse and trauma can trigger behavior disorders in teenagers as well.

Parenting Strategies To Deal With Teen Behavior Disorders
  • First and foremost, always have an ear for your teen. Often parents are busy with their jobs and other social activities and neglect their children. Listening and valuing opinions of adolescents often improves better communication.
  • Don’t threaten your kids for petty issues like cleaning a room or washing hair. Instead try to make them realize the issue more rationally.
  • Try to be friendly with your kid, but at the same time be consistent and hold your ground.
  • Seek professional help if you find erratic behavior in your child for a long time. Family and individual counseling are often of great help to find the underlying issues.

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