He looked adorable and his behaviour at your wedding was truly remarkable. Wondering how to reward him? This article provides a few good ideas for the best ring bearer gifts.

Ring Bearer Gifts

While a wedding may revolve around an exchange of vows, life revolves around an exchange of favors. Once the fabulous wedding day comes to an end, it’s time for the newlyweds to return the bundle of kind gestures bestowed upon them. No, it’s not that they have high expectations. In fact, your secondary sponsors would be more than satiated with the sumptuous buffet and champagne served at your venue. However, wouldn’t you want them to sustain the memory of your spectacular wedding for the rest of their lives? If not the guests, you surely wouldn’t want the ceremony to fade away from the cute little ring bearer’s memory? Perhaps, a meaningful token would be a nice idea. Let him know he did his task well and accredit him for his patience. The gift need not be expensive to make him happy or feel special. All you need to do is invest sufficient time and thought into the gift buying process. Scroll down below and check out a few good ideas for ring bearer gifts.

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A Book
A book can change anybody’s life. Your ring bearer is young and at an impressionable age. You will always have a soft corner for the ring bearer at your nuptial and it would give you immense joy to see him bloom into a fine gentleman (and eventually bridegroom). More importantly, it is important to reward him with good entertainment for his good behaviour.

Personalized Pillow
He carefully held one for your wedding, a pillow from you will perpetually remind him his 'stint'. Personalize it. Make it his favourite colour or have his name embroidered on the pillow. Give him a big sized pillow; one that he can rest his head on while sleeping. The best part of the pillow is that unlike several other inanimate objects, he won’t toss it in a corner to gather dust.

Toy Car
Boys love cars. If your priority is to see his face curl into a smile, a car with a remote control is a safe bet. Buy one that would stand out amongst the other cars he has. But it would be advisable for you to check if he prefers Barbie dolls.

Piggy Bank
Inculcate him with the esteemed habit of saving money. After your glamorous ceremony, you must have deuced that every penny counts. Purchase an attractive piggy bank that would fit well into his room. Drop a few coins and get him started.

A nice-looking ring within your budget would be a significant token. We all have accessories and rings generally have sentimental values. For a ring bearer, a decent masculine ring would be an appropriate gift.

A Box Of Chocolates
If you’re really unsure about what would tickle the kid’s fancy, you certainly won’t have to think twice when it comes to chocolates. All kids have a strong affinity to sweet things, preferably chocolates. Buy them a large box of chocolates and watch him jump out of his seat and attack. Although it won’t last too long, be glad that you didn’t disappoint him.

We all need T-shirts. A ring bearer would be thrilled to flaunt his role at the wedding and tell the world about it. Printing a picture on a simple T-Shirt with his name and date would make him happier than ever. A personalized T-shirt lasts forever, as long as the rats stay away from it.

Educational Toys
Which kid wouldn’t appreciate a toy?  Besides, there is nothing better for a kid than mixing fun with leaning. This is the most reliable formula to enhancing a child’s mental development. The ring bearer’s parents too will be very grateful and you will share the honor of making a contribution to the boy’s educational verve.

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