Recycled metal artwork is the best way to save the wastage of metal. Read below for some ideas for recycled metal artwork.

Recycled Metal Art

Artwork made from recycled metal is the new revolution in the field of art. Various artists have attained international stardom by creating enticing works of art using recycled scrap metal. This has spawned a breed of amateur artists, ranging from students to housewives who are finding inspiration in junk and instead of confining them to the landfills, are letting their creativity transform the scrap. These scraps, which are then metamorphosed into beautiful sculptures and other works of art, hold a pride of place in gardens, lawns and drawing rooms. Scrap metal has never been more special. The saying “one man’s thrash is another man’s treasure” specifically relates to artwork created with recycled metal. When you realize the exorbitant rates at which some of these artworks go on sale, who can blame you for regretting the tons of metal that you discarded in the junkyard? Recycled metal artworks are very easy once you learn all the techniques, and they also do not require you to be overtly creative. You only have to visualize the concept, which can, in fact, be anything that you see around you, and make the metal respond to what you want it to represent. You will understand how simple it can be when you see the most famous of all metal artworks. An example of this is Picasso’s ‘bull's head’. This compelling piece of art was made just with the seat and handlebars of a cycle in which the seat represented a bull’s head, and the handlebars were placed to represent the horns. So, if you want to fuse your imagination and ‘green’ instincts together, then read the article given below on how to make artworks using recycled metal.
How To Make Artwork Using Recycled Metal
Collect The Materials
Any type of scrap metal is perfect for this. You can use old gears, bed springs, engine parts, pipes, tin sheets and broken tools. You would be amazed to see the end result when all the materials which you once thought were a complete waste are actually used in the purpose.
Now go through all the scrap and note down what you have and can use. Then create a design of the artwork to use all the junk. For this you can also place the scrap metal together to envision the finished product. Now make a step-by-step plan on how you can assemble the metal.
Assemble the junk using clamps. You should also experiment with the different pieces so that the artwork is pleasing to the eye. You can also secure the metal together by bracing.
Polish the brazed joint using sandpaper or a wire brush.  Then clean the surface of the artwork and apply a coat of polish to protect it from rust.
Artwork Ideas
Box Spring Flowers
  • If you have a box spring bed which you are not using and are unable to donate, then the best would be to disassemble it. While the wood and fabrics can be put to a wide range of uses, the springs can be employed to make metal flowers for your garden.
  • For the stem of the flowers, you can use the iron rectangular frame of the bed. Cut the frame using a bolt cutter into appropriate sizes.
  • Take each spring and tighten and loosen the coils in such a manner that each spring has a top with wide coils that narrow down to the bottom.
  • Shove the stem into the bottom of the flower head.
  • Apply a coat of paint on the spring and the stem and just plant them in the garden.
Copper Pipe Wind Chime
  • Using a pipe cutter, cut the copper pipe into six even pieces. Drill a small hole through each pipe at least three inch from one end.
  • Now for each copper pipe, take a fifteen inch nylon cord. Thread this cord through the drilled holes of each copper pipe.
  • Tie each cord around a seven inch metal craft ring. Take another copper wire and wrap the craft ring. From this hang a metal bolt, so that it comes to the center of the metal pipes.
  • Hang the wind chime in your room or your garden.

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