Pain medications provide quick relief for various aches but their side effects can be nasty! The following article about side effects of pain medications will give you all the relevant info!

Pain Medication Side Effects

When it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure. This is due to the fact that all the medicines available in the market come with their own list of side effects that gives us another set of problems for which we take another bunch of pills. A vicious cycle basically! The best option therefore, is to come out of this vicious cycle and try to avoid medications as much as possible. All this is easier said than done because when the pain gets excruciatingly intolerable, taking a pain killer is not a voluntary choice. Although, some people commonly believe that popping a pain killer every now and then should definitely be avoided but at times when the pain becomes unbearable even doctors recommend pain killers to the patients to ease their sufferings. At the same time, taking a pain killer at the slightest hint of pain is also incorrect for it leads to addiction and high level of dependency on these wonder drugs. Read this article for more such information regarding the side effects of pain medications.
Side Effects Of Pain Medications
Constipation is a very common side effect of pain medications. Constipation leads to other problems which become subsidiary side effects of these pain medications, few of them are nausea, depression and stress. Stool softeners are prescribed at this stage by physicians to reduce your problem. And intake of lots of water and high fibre foods is commonly known to have helped patients.
Drowsiness might come from lack of sleep caused by pain before you started taking the pain medications. A trick to get rid of drowsiness is to take smaller doses frequently rather than taking heavy doses of pain medications. Also, visit the doctor if drowsiness persists.
Skin Allergies
Common mistakes while consuming pain medications, like breaking the pill into half or taking the pill even past its expiry date etc, lead to skin allergies and further complications. Moreover, a few drugs are not suitable to our metabolic system so avoid taking medicines over the counter and consult a doctor before consuming any medicines.
When our body tries to adjust to any foreign substance then more often than not a nauseating feeling sets in. Hence, in the initial stages of starting the medication, you may feel nauseated and might even vomit a few times right after you begin the course on the pain medications. Sometime constipation also leads to nausea. A homemade therapy in this case will be to have ginger in your food in the form ginger tea or ginger ale etc.
Liver Damage
Following instructions on dosage amount and the duration for which the medicine should be taken and the timings etc should be strictly followed. Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite leaves the liver seriously affected. If any of these conditions continue for a long time then the liver is harmed. This is why you should be very careful while taking a dosage of pain medication.
Kidney Damage
Heavy dosage of these pain medications can cause urinary retention. In this condition, the patient is unable to empty their bladder. Lowering the dosage along with using a catheter to empty the bladder helps in such cases. Also, people who already have kidney problems should first consult the physician before taking any pain medications.

Apart from the above mentioned side effects, others such as muscle twitching and slow breathing are also reported among patients who are given pain medications. Exercise prudence and verify & cross check with your doctor before you pop that pill in your mouth.

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