Acne is one thing that a newborn baby shouldn’t really be getting! Browse through this article to discover for yourself knowhow on how to treat newborn acne.

Newborn Acne

A newborn baby’s face is always a pleasure to look at. With a face so young and skin so soft, young, innocent and flawless, a baby is really the cutest thing in the world. Sadly, the soulful terrain of a baby’s skin is not immune to the evils that plague the skin of an adult. Even newborn babies can get acne and this is as good as a fact. This, by no means can become a reason to panic, however, it sure is a cause for concern. Baby acne is almost always caused by hormones and can appear and spread on the skin of your baby from anytime between birth to a few weeks. Although tiny, red bumps or baby acne can look extremely painful, in reality, they hardly do bother your baby. You, as a parent, will have to do everything it takes to treat newborn acne. Go right ahead and read on for valuable insights on how to treat newborn acne.
How To Treat Newborn Acne
  • The first thing to do when looking to treat a baby for acne is to check for the same. It is important to gain sufficient knowledge on the affected areas. You can begin by looking for acne on the cheeks of the baby, the forehead and the chin too. These, usually, are the areas that are most prone to coming in contact with acne. Some babies, however, also get it on their backs as well, so don’t forget to check for acne in and around the back of the baby too.  
  • Begin the treatment by cleaning your baby’s face with water once a day. To supplement the effects of water, you can also use baby soap and a mild one at that. Remember not to use harsh soaps on a newborn baby who is suffering from acne.
  • Most parents make the mistake of scrubbing their baby’s face, falsely believing that this could help get rid of the acne. Doing so, however, only aggravates the condition. Make it a point to stay away from scrubbing your baby’s face, because this could irritate your baby’s skin and that is not something you or baby would want to be dealing with.
  • As far as the clothing of your baby goes, it is a must to wash the same in a specially manufactured, chemical free detergent made for the sensitive skin of an infant. Don’t make the mistake of washing the clothes of a baby suffering from acne with a detergent that is used to wash your clothes.
  • The lotions that adults use on their skin to get rid of acne, should under no circumstance be used on the skin of a baby, much less a newborn baby. As a parent, it is your duty to stay away from lotions or creams, since they increase the occurrence of acne all over the skin of your baby.
  • Most pediatricians believe that it is advisable to use a vinegar solution to help treat a baby for acne. In any case, this general belief does not always have the desired effect. To test for the safety that can exist in the idea of using a vinegar solution, apply the solution on a small patch of your baby’s skin first. Once you are sure that it doesn’t adversely affect your baby’s skin, you can go ahead and use more of it on the skin of your baby.
  • If the acne on the skin of your baby is extremely severe and does not disappear in the first six months of its birth, you can take it for granted that your baby’s pediatrician will suggest mild medication for your baby. This only happens in rare cases and in any case is not really too much of a cause for concern.
Now that you have been instructed on how best to take care of your baby when he or she is suffering from acne, make it a point to follow the instructions for favorable results.

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