The ultra-slim Moto Q 9h is a sleek and powerful mobile phone from Motorola Company that incorporated with an array of smart features. Read this article on the MOTO Q9 h.


Screen Size - 2.4 inches
Screen Details - 320x240, 65k-color TFT LCD screen
Camera - Yes
Mega pixels - 2 MP
Bluetooth - Yes
Web Browser - Yes
Network - GSM, UMTS
Bands - 850, 900, 1800, 1900
High-Speed Data - GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA
Processor Speed - 330 MHz
Special Features - Music
The gadgets lovers are simply bound to love Motorola’s new ultra-slim MOTO Q9h mobile phone, which is just 11.8 millimeters thick. All sleek and impressively-designed, the device is a fine blend of power and functionality. One cannot help but be wowed by the visual appeal of the Moto Q 9h at the very first glance. Within its compact form, it comprises High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology for amazingly fast speed and instant downloading potential.
Further on, the MOTO Q9h proffers an array of features like admission to corporate and personal. Personal and Corporate Microsoft Exchange instant messaging are also visible from the home screen of the device. Comprising highly developed imaging, music operation system, incorporated stereo Bluetooth wireless technology and remarkable memory, the MOTO Q9h makes up a really marvelous mobile for users.
Superb Connectivity
Having set with HSDPA, the download speeds the user will get on the Moto Q9h is as quick as 3.6 Mbps. Just push a button and the user is bound to be amazed by the fast connections. This cell phone comes with the facility of push email for speedy dispatch and receives on the Corporate Microsoft Exchange. The high speed also enables fast Internet surfing, quick music downloads, video cascading and casting. The latest MOTO Q9h gives the user accessibility to all his / her preferred content and connections.
Breathtaking Design
The slim and sleek form of Motorola’s new MOTO Q9h gives the device a glamorous and flawless product experience. A neat 320x240 display screen and a broad QWERTY keyboard make typing of emails, SMS, presentations and so on really easy. Moreover, the decent lighting transitions in the MOTO Q9h provides user to experience improved readability in an ambience where lighting is insufficient.
Fun & Productivity
The Moto Q9h provides the user an enriching experience by mixing functionality and entertainment in the device. The quad-band technology in Moto Q 9h allows the user to stay easily connected anywhere across the world. Moreover, the consumer can capture the special moment with the 2.0 mega pixel camera incorporated in the cell phone. Whereas for the music lover can enjoy the Windows Media and access to more than 200 music libraries on the Moto Q9h.
Through the integral Bluetooth wireless technology stereo profiles - A2DP and AVRCP, the Moto Q 9h users can hear excellent sound quality wirelessly via a compatible Bluetooth-facilitated stereo headset and answer calls simultaneously.
The mobile is also fitted with high-speed USB 2.0 download assisting the user in quick shifting of files from the PC to the phone’s microSD card, which proffers around 2GB of alternative removable memory. With around 30 frames each second, seeing a video on the mobile is now possible.

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