Kya aap panchvi paas se tez hain is the new reality game show on Star Plus, featuring Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan as the host. To know more about Kya aap panchvi paas se tez hain, read on.

Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hain

All the ardent fans of Bollywood king, Shahrukh Khan are seen glued to the small screen nowadays, as the popular actor is back with yet another game show on television. Yes, Shahrukh Khan is back on Star Plus with the Hindi version of Fox TV serial ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’. The show is called ‘Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? ‘and offers a prize money of 5 crores. The host of the show Shahrukh Khan is expected to recreate the magic of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ yet once again.
The concept of the game show revolves around Shahrukh and five kids, wherein the contestant is required to answer 10 questions from different subject cards as per his own wish. The questions are asked from the textbooks of class 1 to 5. With every right question, the contestant gets an opportunity to win specific prize money, reaching up to 5 crores. Moreover, the contestant is joined by a new classmate after every two questions, who becomes his teammate for those two questions.
There are in total 11 questions, wherein the 11th one leads to the grand prize money. There are three life lines available for the contestant to be used, which are called cheats. With the help of these cheats, the contestant can answer the first 10 questions. The first cheat is called Tank Jhaak, wherein the contestant can view his teammate’s answer before finalizing his own. The second one is called Copy, wherein rather than the contestant, his teammate answers on his behalf.
The third and the last cheat is Bachao, wherein the contestant is saved after giving a wrong answer, if his partner has the right one. Usually only one cheat can be used only on one question and the only exception being, when the contestant chooses Taak Jhaak and rejects the kid’s right answer. On the contrary, he gives his wrong answer and is then saved by the kid with the help of Bachao. Once all the three cheats have been used by the contestant, the kids will stay in the "class" and do not join the contestant at the podium.
Moreover, the contestant is supposed to handle the 11 question independently as no cheats are available to him. The eleventh question is separately taken out from a pool of questions. At this point of time, the contestant will have to make his choice of answering the question of withdrawing, solely on the basis of the subject he has chosen, as he will not be allowed to hear the question. For the first 10 questions, the contestant is given a choice of answering the question or withdrawing all together. 

If the contestant chooses to answer the question and gives the wrong answer, he leaves the game with out any money till the fifth question or with R. 2, 00,000 after question 5. In case of withdrawal, he can take away the money he has earned. Though the concept of the show is old yet it’s new for the Indian audience. Moreover, Shahrukh Khan is seen dispersing his charisma all over the sets and mesmerizing audience with his charm.

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