Want to know if you or someone is suffering from inferiority complex? Well, this article is the just right stop. Explore to find the different signs and symptoms of inferiority complex.

Inferiority Complex Symptoms

“Gosh, he is so intelligent and successful!” “She is so attractive!” “Why am I not like them?” “I’m not that good enough”. Do these questions keep haunting you within? Are you always dissatisfied and constantly blaming yourself? You probably have an inferiority complex. While all of us have physical defects, mental limitations and social differences, these things embarrass few of us more than others. The best would be to get rid of inferiority complex as soon as possible, as it can otherwise lead to depression, or a sad and unfulfilled life. While most of us do comprehend the underlying problem of why we are always dissatisfied with ourselves, few of us do not even realize that we have an inferiority complex that should be treated, before it amplifies. Given here are some symptoms that can help you identify whether or not you are a victim of inferiority complex. Read on.
Different Signs Of Inferiority Complex
Love to Hear Compliments
You always want others to compliment you for even the smallest of the achievements like how you look, how you worked on that article, what you have or what great work you have done. You are so desperate to hear that even if you do not get any comments, you start pouring in questions in order to receive compliments, such as “Do you think I did great?” or “Do I look good tonight?”
Avoiding Compliments
While some people love to get complimented, some prefer to refrain from receiving any accolades. Even if you have done well, you do not want to be complimented or appreciated simply because you feel the comments aren’t from the heart. Rather, it is just a way to make you feel better. You feel that the positive comments are not justified, since you are not worth getting them.
The Universe is the Cause
Any mistake or failure committed on your part is simply put on various external factors, such as poor luck, bad company, the environment in general, and so on. If you are not able to accept your mistake and hold the universe responsible for it, you are definitely suffering from inferiority complex.
Lack of Sportsmanship
Competitions where you are required to test your abilities against the others are always kept at bay. If you lose competitions, you feel you are not good enough to compete with anyone. You do not take any step towards achieving success. On rare occasions, when you take in that step, chances are that you discourage yourself saying that you can never achieve it even in your wildest dreams.
Finding Faults
As you cannot keep yourself happy, you cannot accept others feeling happy as well. As such, you are constantly finding ways to point out their imperfections and making them feel bad about themselves. This is known as crab mentality, where we pull others down as well. In case you are one of such people, know for sure that you can never feel confident and superior, unless you stop competing with others.
Avoiding The World
People with inferiority complex often avoid social gatherings, meetings, debates and forums. Rather, they prefer to stay back alone keeping the world unknown about their flaws. The feeling that they are not smart and as interesting as others pulls them to a corner unnoticed by anyone. All efforts trying to make this person speak fail, since they think they will make a laughing stock out of themselves. 

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