Hyaluronic acid has many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Check out the different positive effects of hyaluronic acid given here.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

Hyaluronic acid, commonly called hyaluronan or hyaluronate, is an important constituent of connective, neural and epithelial tissues, whose prime function is to provide lubrication and cushioning effect. Besides this, it plays a major role in cell proliferation and migration and also takes active part in virulence. It is a form of glucosaminoglycan that is unsulfated and originates from the plasma membrane, rather than the Golgi bodies. Due to continuous research and studies, hyaluronic acid is increasingly gaining popularity in the cosmetic and medical industries. On an average, a regular human being weighing around 70 kg has roughly around 15 grams of hyaluronan in their body. The synthesis of these anionic compounds is mostly carried out by a class of membrane proteins called hyaluronan synthases. Abundant in almost all the tissues of the human body, the acid plays a major role in ensuring that the required nutrients are carried to the cells. For this reason, the acid is often referred to as the ‘major lifeline’ for cells. The benefits of hyaluronic acid are manifold and for this reason, many people prefer to use supplemented forms of the acid for additional benefits. Read on to know more about the diverse health and medicinal benefits of hyaluronic acid.
Positive Effects Of Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Hyaluronic acid is a key component of human cartilaginous system, whose main function is to provide strength and flexibility to the body.
  • The acid plays a major role in lubricating the joints. Hence, in conditions like arthritis, hyaluronic acid can be used as a supplement to combat the condition and prevent the symptoms.
  • It also plays a role in ensuring correct production and maintenance of white cells in the body.
  • Supplements of the acid are also very beneficial to fight bacterial infections and illnesses.
  • Human immune system can also be strengthened by the proper consumption of hyaluronic acid supplements.
  • The acid is very beneficial for people over 30 years of age, who are beginning to notice the initial signs of ageing. This is mainly due to the fact that with decreasing age, there is decreased synthesis or re-compartmentalization of the acid and hence supplements are required.
  • One of the key functions of hyaluronic acid is moisturizing the skin from the inside. It helps smooth those unwanted wrinkles that comes naturally with ageing and also helps hydrate the skin.
  • The acid is very essential for maintaining the structure of the extracellular matrix of the skin and also for ensuring that the matrix has the ability to hold onto its essential fluid. When taken as an external supplement, it helps moisturize the skin, right from the dermal to the epidermal layers.

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