Threading a sewing machine is considered a difficult task. Given below are the steps to illustrate how to thread a sewing machine needle.

How To Thread A Sewing Machine

In case, you have never handled sewing machine before and wish to try out some funky fashion styles all by yourself, the threading of the machine is bound to give you jitters. Threading a sewing machine has always been a cause of worry, as it is a meticulous process that requires understanding of the appliance and concentration. The needle of the machine is one of the toughest things to thread, as the needle-eye is quite minute. However, with a little caution and will, the task of threading the machine can be made easy. So, if you are ready to surprise everyone with your creative and fashionable side, read on how to thread a sewing machine and its needle.
How to Thread a Sewing Machine
  • The first thing to do is to wind a bobbin, which is a small spool of thread used in the sewing machine.
  • After winding the bobbin, put it on the bobbin winder.
  • Now, unwind a few inches of thread from the spool and pull that thread around the tension arm or button, on the top left hand side of the machine. Through it, pull it back to the right hand side, towards the bobbin.
  • Pull that piece of thread through one of the pinholes in the bobbin. You can even wrap one or two rounds of thread on the bobbin by hand, to get started.
  • Press the foot pedal to start the machine, enabling it to wind thread around the bobbin. Warp the bobbin fully, without overlapping its edges.
  • Cut the thread, leaving a short tail and remove the bobbin from the machine top.
  • To make the machine sew, let the main thread spool remain on top of the machine. However, the bobbin will be fit under the door below, just in front of the needle.
  • Unwrap a shot length of thread from the bobbin and place the bobbin into the position, such that it rotates anti clockwise on pulling the thread right side.
  • Now, lay the bobbin thread into the cutout made on the machine.
  • Close the trap door and ensure that there is no thread coming out from it.
  • Going back to the spool on top, unwrap about a foot long length of thread.
  • Keeping the thread tense, pull it towards the left hand arm of the machine.
  • Now, take the thread down through a gully cut into the sewing machine. Take it back up, making a U shape.
  • Now wrap the thread up and over the hooked wire arm, above the needle. After this, take the thread down towards the needle.
  • Just above the needle, there is a hook. Pull the thread through the hook and take it out towards the left side of the machine.
  • Left to the needle, there will be a grey lever. Run the thread under the inverse V-shaped part of that arm.
  • Pull the thread across the front of the needle eye. Simultaneously, pull the grey lever down.
  • Now, thread the needle eye, which might take some tries. Adjust the needle position by rotating the manual wheel on the right.
  • After the needle is threaded, pull the excess thread length out, under the foot of the machine. When sewing, let the thread hang, so that it does not get out of the needle eye.

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