A bad tide in your life made you sad and broken. Stop being depressed and challenge your negative emotions. Check out ways on how to stop being depressed in the following lines.

How To Stop Being Depressed

Are you feeling unhappy and blue? Are you getting addicted to darkness? Do you feel broken every time? Are you not feeling your best from inside?  Life is a roller coaster, someday sky seems to be no limit and sometimes it feels as if you are down akin with those wild aquatic plants fluttering in the deepest part of the ocean with no way to come to the crest. While the highs add in a fresh breath of life, the downs conquer the mind of the person so tightly that it becomes hard to escape, thus giving rise to depression and despair. There are numerous reasons for being depressed such as losing a loved one, family conflict, being downtrodden or facing emotional tumult. When struck with depression, a person generally starts feeling sad, isolates himself in a closed room, forgets to smile, gets prone to other health problems, suffers from sleep disorders and in extreme cases, develops suicidal tendencies. This condition can be quite fatal if not cured at the correct time. When a person becomes unable to shed those dreadful feelings, depression can become chronic. To overcome this lethal disease, it becomes quite necessary to stop being depressed. In the following lines, learn how to stop being depressed.
Stop Being Depressed
Healthy Lifestyle & Positive Approach
Healthy lifestyle and positive thinking will never let you down. So, adapt a healthy routine to keep yourself physically fit as well as think positively to become mentally strong. Exercise daily for about 30 minutes or join a gym. As it is believed that sound sleep is highly required for the proper functioning of the body, bring to life the old adage you learnt as a child “early to bed and early to rise”. This would work wonders for your health. If you don’t have time to join a gym, then indulge yourself in some activities like jogging, swimming, yoga, etc. to be active and fresh.
Devote time for Family  
Family is the biggest selfless supporter of a person in the world. So, spending some good quality time with the family comes out as a great remedy. This support of the family works greatly to heal the bad feelings which have circled the mind of the depressed person. During the treatment of depression, a person is advised to stay close to his family and friends. When you start getting love and care from the loved ones, you start loving your life and overcome depression faster. Family’s affection and tenderness makes the person realize the importance of his life. Also, a person gets the reason to live happily.  
Emotion Cycle
Life is not the same every day; it has numerous ups and downs. One day we feel at the top of the world and the very next day life seems futile. A depressed person needs to understand this cycle of emotions. He must accept that life is nothing but a giant wheel which moves endlessly. A person encounters both good and bad times. During the bad phase of life, a person must be sure that happy days are not far. He must wait enthusiastically for those joyful and fun days which are about to strike his life. This understanding will make a person feel lighter and help him adopt a positive approach fast.
Remember Happy Moments
You surely must have experienced countless happy days of your life. So, during the ongoing of these destructive feelings, remember your past happy moments, success and achievements. Take out those old photo albums, trophies, mementos, etc. turn each page of a photo album gathering all those moments in your mind and giving a sheer smile. Examine what made you achieve so much in life. Definitely you will be surprised to see your strengths and potentials. A person is able to gain great confidence by this way.
Show Acknowledgment
Be always thankful for what you have in life. Never compare yourself with a person higher in status, money or fame than you. Appreciate what you have in life. Thank god to bless you with whatever luxuries and relations you own. Look out all the facilities you have and soon you will realize that you have no reason to be sad about. Focus on making good and healthy relationships rather than just running behind making money.  
Break From Hectic Life
The daily routine of a person can sometimes be responsible for depression. It creates monotony and life seems to be meaningless. To rid yourself of this situation, break your daily schedule. Take a leave, spend sometime doing what you like the most or explore some new places. This will make you feel fresh, happy and you’ll become more productive. Also, you can go on a nice vacation with friends or family. You would get a refreshing break from the hectic daily schedule.
Discard Alcohol & Drugs
It is the most common misconception that alcohol and drug are best to escape from depression. But the truth is totally reverse. They are nothing but your real foes during depression. Both alcohol and drugs make you droop in all those depressive feelings even more. They might provide temporary relief, but in the long run, they are sure to make your condition incurable. So, stay away from these two evils for exterminating depression.
Consult A Doctor
In the extreme cases where after trying all the above steps, you still stand on the same track, then consult a doctor as soon as possible. You can also go for medical counseling without any hesitation. Seeking medical advice is highly essential to evade depression. Consulting a doctor proves to be a great help to dump these feelings. Also, through the talks with a doctor you take your heart out which makes you lighter and burden less.
Adhere to the tips given above and stop being depressed. View life from a bigger and brighter perspective.

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