Use these tips, which are sure to work, to preserve the beauty of your wedding bouquet as a memento or as a piece of décor.

How To Preserve Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding day was the most important day of your life – a day on which you vowed to love and to cherish your husband/wife for as long as you both shall live. You might have spent months, or even years, planning that special day. Earlier, there were very few ways in which the special moments of your wedding could be preserved (to probably show your children and grandchildren). Photographs and videos began to make an entry into weddings. However, pictures can never capture the true essence of the real thing. While you can’t stop time and make it stand still, you can preserve a few things for a lifetime – like your wedding bouquet. Each blossom in your bouquet was picked with care. Wouldn’t you like to preserve it for decades ahead? The rest of this article will show you how to do just that. explore the following pointers to know how to preserve wedding bouquet.
Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet 
While there are numerous “do it yourself” ideas to preserve your wedding bouquet, the best way in which to do it properly is to go to the professionals. Professionals will ensure that your bouquet will be preserved for years to come, without any harm coming to your precious blossoms. They also use innovative methods and new technology to ensure that you get the best value for your money, and great memories to cherish. While the earlier prices of these professionals were extremely high, they have now dropped quite low so as to be affordable to the common man (or bride). The following are the methods commonly used by professionals to preserve wedding bouquets.
Freeze Drying
This is a process in which the water is extracted from the flowers using a special machine, while allowing the flowers to retain their smell and color. The flowers will then usually be mounted on to an oval frame for you to cherish it.
Silica Gel
The flowers are immersed in a silicon substance similar to sand. Once the bouquet is dry, it is sprayed with acrylic floral spray and then designed as per request.
The flowers are pressed and flattened using a flower press. Following this, the blossoms are framed.
Moisture is sealed and retained by using a re-hydration spray. This prevents flowers from wilting. Re-hydration is usually followed by freeze-drying, which is generally known to be the best and longest lasting method of preservation.
In order to make the colors of the flowers better and to retain its beauty for a longer period of time, there are special dyes applied. After applying these dyes, polymer coats are given to prevent subsequent damage to the flowers. Once this is done, the flowers can be arranged either in a frame or shadow laminates or in air tight transparent vases.

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