Mosaic is an excellent way to give a new look to old tabletops and windowpanes. Here’re the steps to making Glass Mosaics.

How To Make Glass Mosaics

Glass is one material that gives a delicate, elegant touch to the whole house. Regularly cleaned glass makes a home shine with sophistication and charm that many hope to achieve in their own homes. Glass is not too expensive and can be shaped the way we want. These days, glass tabletops are a rage with those who want to redecorate their homes. But the only problem that we face with them is that they look good only for a short period of time, after which we look for ways to either discard them or get them fixed again, to make them look new, once more. This happens because many of us do not know how to turn our tabletops, and even our windowpanes, into artifacts. All we need to make is a mosaic design and it would be beautiful once again. Here are the steps to make glass mosaic.
Making Glass Mosaics
Here are the steps to making glass mosaics:
You will need to decide not only on which tabletop or windowpane it is that you plan to make the glass mosaic but also what it is and how it would look like. Planning on both these things before you begin will lower your work load comparatively when you actually get down to making the mosaic. If you are creative enough, you could make the design yourself; if you cannot do that then you should ask a friend who is a good designer to do that for you. Make sure all your proportions are correct with respect to your surface – the windowpane or the tabletop.
When you have made the design, divide it into small pieces and decide how you plan to color it. On paper, make a rough map-like arrangement to show which color would be placed where on the design. Trace the outlines of each of those pieces on to glass with a special pen that is used for making designs on glass.
Now is the fun part! Collect all the different items of colored glass that you can find and break them into small pieces of various sizes. The items could be anything ranging from ashtrays that have been discarded (hopefully because the user quit smoking!), broken glass vases, coloured bottles of alcohol and any other item that you could lay hands on. Break them into pieces – hit them against the ground or against the wall, use a hammer to break them into small pieces or wear military boots and perform kathak on them!
Before you use glue on the pieces on to the glass windowpane or tabletop, arrange then into the pattern that you have drawn to make sure they all fit into it. You need not, however, make them fit perfectly into one another. Since you have to leave space for the grout, you do not need to make sure all the pieces fit together snugly. Now, use glue to stick these pieces together on to glass. Make sure you leave space for the grout.
Now is the final step to making glass mosaic. Mix the grout mixture and apply a coat of it between the various pieces. Add another coat of grout if required and let it dry completely. Till the time it dries completely, do not let it catch water or get wet in any other way.

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