Making a stuffed toy can be fun, interesting, and creatively stimulating. Read the article for easy steps to make a stuffed dog toy.

How To Make A Dog Stuffed Toy

Childhood days are full of memories and stories. Playing with toys form a major part of those remembrances. They were your best friends; you snuggled with your toy every night and played with it all day long in utter delight. At times, you would even feed it with a treat, or keep it under the soft toy’s feet hoping that it would eat, start to talk, or breathe or even move some day. You must have dreamt and sang with your favorite toys, and had a favorite place to keep it. Stuffed toys are the most snuggled and loved-by-all toys, especially favored by children of all ages. You can have a variety of soft toys, which look cute and alluring, that no matter whether you dislike a certain animal you simply want to cuddle it. Stuffed dogs make a lovely, cuddly option for kids to play with. They are also preferred among the older kids. Making a cuddly soft dog toy is quite a fun and challenge too. The same basic pattern can be made to create different dog breeds; you can change the length of the body and legs, shapes and sizes of nose and ears. Use different fabrics and you will get a different feel of the toy. Read further to know how to make it.
How To Make A Stuffed Animal Dog Toy
Materials Required
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric safety eyes or small buttons
  • Coordinating thread
  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • Felt fabric
  • Gusset
  • Felt needle 
  • Printed Dog pattern
  • Sewing machine 
How To Make It
  • First step is start with the basic drawing patterns of the dog picture. Draw your own using a coloring book as a replica. You will require a side view of your dog picture. Expand your printed or drawn pattern as needed using a photocopier. You can even buy readymade dog patterns from a crafts shop.
  • Once the enlarged pattern drawing is ready, add 1/4 inch seam allowances to cut out your paper pattern.
  • Take your chosen fabric and cut the body pattern pieces. For ears, you can choose a contrasting or same body fabric. You can use felt for paw pads and nose. For the underside of the body, you can use gusset.
  • Start stitching the stuffed dog nose at the seam and working to the tail.
  • If you are using felt, stitch the wrong sides together. And if you are using fabric instead of felt, sew the right sides together.
  • Pin the gusset into place and stitch it by hand or machine, keeping an opening for stuffing. Your gusset pattern piece should cover the underside of the dog’s chin, belly, insides of the legs, and underside of the tail.
  • After the basic pattern is ready, stuff the fabric structure firmly. The stuffed dog toy should be able to stand sturdy and on its own. Stitch the opening.
  • Stitch on or embroider the eyes if you are not using safety eyes. Add a felt collar for your stuffed dog. For different varieties of stuffed dog toys experiment with fabrics.

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