'How do you look like a Barbie doll' is a question that has bothered many teenage girls. This article provides tips to help you know how to look like Barbie.

How To Look Like Barbie

Barbie, the beautiful and stylish doll, was introduced by Mattel Inc. in March 1959. One of the most popular dolls amongst kids; she was designed by American businesswoman Ruth Handler (1916-2002), using a German doll called 'Bild Lilli' as the inspiration. Barbie has been named after Barbara, Handler's daughter. Today, Barbie, with her numerous companions, has gained wide-scale fame and there are many girls who want to emulate her look. In the following lines, we have provided tips to help you know how to look like Barbie.
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How Do You Look Like A Barbie Doll 
  • When you look at a Barbie, the first thing that you notice is that she looks extremely clean and fresh. So, you need to maintain excellent personal hygiene, if you want to look like her. Take a bath at least once in a day and make sure to brush your teeth and tongue twice.
  • Barbie is known for her soft, luscious hair. So, you need to take extra care of your own hair as well. Hot oil treatments and regular conditioning is very necessary. Use serum to get that extra shine and bounce in your hair. If case you have curly hair, get them straightened right away.
  • Clear and flawless skin is a must if you want to look like a Barbie. If you have pimples or zits, get them treated as soon as possible. Never ever let your skin become dry. Apply lotion on a regular basis, for a supple as well as shining skin tone.
  • Barbie has a slim body and she is confident in her skin. You don’t need to become skinny to look like her, but a well toned body will definitely be a plus. At the same time, remember that whatever be your body structure, you should be proud of it.
  • Barbie is very stylish and feminine. So, you need to develop good fashion sense. Never ever look sloppy, be it at home or outside. Skirts, dresses and jackets are the perfect attire, in pinks and other feminine colors. Wear heels, preferable stilettos, and adorn yourself with accessories. Get inspiration from magazines like Elle Girl, Seventeen & Cosmogirl.
  • Lots of confidence is required to become just like a Barbie. Have faith in yourself and keep nervousness at bay. However, while doing this, make sure that you do not start looking arrogant. Always behave with others the way you want them to behave with you.
  • Barbie has lots of friends, so you need to widen your social circle. At the same time, never ever forget your old friends. She is also very kind and is always ready to help others. Develop all these traits in you. Try to smile often and make people feel welcome around you. 
Makeup Tips 
  • Use a nice foundation to even out your skin tone, Remember Barbie has a flawless and luminous skin.
  • Highlight your eyes. Stick to eye-shadows that complement your eye color or the color of your outfit. Make sure to apply mascara.
  • Using eyeliner is optional. If you want to apply it, try not to stick to black color only. Experiment with other colors as well, like navy blue.
  • Never ever forget to use blush. However, make sure to stick to natural colors, like pinks, reds and maroons. If these shades are not your type, you can go for bronzes, browns, and golds.
  • Your lips should be soft and look full. You can go for lip balms, with a little shine, and lightly tinted lip-gloss in the day. By the evening, however, change to lipsticks, in shades of pink.

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