Most of us know our short-term goals, but refuse to ask ourselves about the deeper purposes of life. Here’s how to find out the deeper purpose of life.

How To Know Your Deeper Purpose In Life

It is the same old story that does the rounds in every human being’s life span – as children and as youngsters; we are trained to sell ourselves in the job market, run the rat race and reach a situation wherein the only purpose of earning money is money itself and nothing else. Then one fine day we find our lives spinning out of control and are forced to take a very hard look at ourselves and ask ourselves a very typically existential question – What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? Most of us never get the answer to this question, which prompted sardonic men like Camus and Nietzsche to question the very purpose of life at all. Do not fall into the trap of existentialists and decide that life is meaningless. Try and find out the purpose of your life by following these guidelines.
Finding Your Deeper Purpose in Life 
Here’s how to know why you are here on this earth and what is the deeper purpose of your life:
Reflect Positive 
You will need to spend some time all by yourself and ask yourself what is it about your life – personal, professional, and social – that you enjoy doing the most. Ask yourself as to what it is that gives you true pleasure and makes you forget everything else. Also, make a list (a physical one on paper – not a mental one in your mind or a virtual one on Microsoft Word!) of all your passions and make note of which of them you are still taking up seriously and which ones you have left behind. For example actor Rahul Bose, though he pursued films as a career, could not tear himself from his one true passion – rugby – and is a national level rugby player. Keep in mind that participating in your passion along with work and other commitments means seriously taking an active interest in them – if your passion is cricket but your only means of participating is by catching up on the IPL every season, you are not actively involved in it.
Reflect Negative 
Do not get confused by the subtitle into thinking that to find the purpose of your life, you need to brood over what you regret, lost or disliked about the life that you have led. It just needs you to recognize what makes you unhappy and what areas of your life don't feel right to you. For example, your job may be unfulfilling or you may be in an unhappy relationship. You will have to write these thoughts down as well.
Who’s That In The Mirror? 
Look at your reflection in the mirror and ask yourself as to what kind of person do you see in front of you. It goes without saying that a more metaphysical level is being talked here rather than what are the physical attributes of the person you see in the mirror. Even as you assess yourself in the mirror, think about the type of person that you want to be and make a list of the goals and dreams you'd like to fulfill. Consider all the possibilities and don't be afraid to dream big.
This Or That? 
Now that you know all you need to know, it is decision-making time. Also, begin making changes to work toward your life purpose. For example, if you've come to the realization that you're not happy with your current career and that it doesn't fulfill your personal values or dreams, make a plan of action to transition into a new career that you're passionate about. 

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