Are you one of the people wondering how to grow grapes within their premises? Yes? Go through this article and explore the best way of growing grapes at home.

How To Grow Grapes

Grapes, produced throughout the world today, are relished by people across all age groups. Available in crimson, black, dark blue, yellow, green and pink color, the fruit woos you with its juicy deliciousness. Grapes are basically grown for two purposes - being consumed as they are and for use in wine making. Do you also want to grow the fruit within the confines of your house, being able to relish it as and when you desire? If yes, then this article is just what you need right now. Browse through the following lines and get step-by-step instructions on how to grow grapes.
Growing Grapes At Home
Supplies Needed 
  • Grape Stock or Cuttings
  • Organic Compost
  • Pruning Shears
  • Pruning Shears
  • Trellis, Arbor or Grape Stakes 
  • If you want to grow grapes, you will first have to decide on the type of the fruit that you want to plant, wine, table or slip-skin.
  • After you have settled on the type of grapes, it is the time to know the variety that would suit the climate as well as the nature of soil at your place. Research the internet a bit, for the purpose.
  • You might take the help of the local nursery professional to know the variety of grapes that grows the best in your area. The right variety will help you ensure ripe grapes hanging right in your garden.
  • Now is the time to get stock or cuttings of you preferred variety of grapes, from the local nursery.
  • You have to select a proper site for planting grapes. Remember, it should receive full sun. This is because grapes require lots of heat to grow well and even partial shade can make the vines susceptible to fungal diseases.
  • Next, prepare the soil at the site chosen for grapes. You will have to make the soil loose, fast draining and loamy, that too at a depth. This is because grapes are very deep rooted. For this, you can add organic compost to a depth of 24-36 inches.
  • After planting the grape vines, water them well, ensuring that the roots are properly soaked. In fact, you will have to keep the roots moist, though not drenching wet, for the whole first month.
  • You will have to provide support to the grape vines, in the form of trellis, arbor or grape stakes. The amount of support needed by the vines will depend upon the variety of the fruit grown.
  • Pruning forms an important part of growing grapes. It should be done once the roughest part of winter is over, but the grape vines are still dormant. Trim off lateral shoots (shoots growing out to the side) and prune new shoots back hard and also cut off buds damaged by the winter season.
  • As the grapes start ripening, birds will try to eat them. When it gets close to harvest time, you will have to protect the fruit by throwing a net over the vines and fruit.
  • Finally, it is the time to harvest grapes! The right time for this is when the bottom and middle of the grape cluster are ripe. You can also taste the fruit, to make sure that it is ripe. While harvesting, trim the cluster off with shears to minimize damage.

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