Going braless will not put you at ease, if you do not know how to carry your outfit without the piece of lingerie. With the tips given in the article, you will learn how to go braless.

How To Go Braless

Bra, more formally known as a brassiere, is a piece of clothing that is used to cover the breasts, while elevating them at the same time. It provides support to the breasts and also helps gives proper shape to a woman's figure. Developed as a replacement of the corset, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, it has become an indispensable undergarment for women the world over. You will hardly find a woman in this world who does not make use of a bra, whether for providing support to her breasts or for improving their appearance.
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Before the invention of brassiere, women used to wear outfits without a bra. They did not hesitate to do so, because they were unaware of the importance or the need of wearing a bra under their clothes. On the contrary, if you talk about today's women, most of them would not wear an outfit without a brassier under it. They find it difficult, rather uncomfortable, to go braless. However, some dresses make it a bit difficult to carry a bra.Difficult though, going braless will not put you in an embarrassing situation, if you learn to do it correctly and with confidence. Go through the following lines and learn how to go braless.
Going Braless 
  • The main thing to consider is the size of your breasts. It is a fact that women with smaller breasts find it easier to go braless, as compared to those with a big bust.
  • Ask yourself whether it is appropriate to wear your outfit without a bra or not. Going braless to the workplace is not recommended. However, you can choose not to wear the piece of clothing when you are hanging out at a night party.
  • Tops that have a built-in bra can be a nice option, if and when you choose to go braless.
  • In case you are wearing a thin-strap or strapless top, you can wear a tube top underneath the dress. By doing this, you will make it less noticeable to the people that you haven't worn a bra.
  • You may purchase a gel to flatter your cleavage, because going without a bra would make it prominent.
  • If you have decided not to wear a bra, then you should consider choosing an appropriate outfit. Do not wear a thin or pale colored shirt or top in such a case.
  • Going braless is okay, but you would attract unwanted attention if your nipples are protruding. Hence, be considerate about covering them. You may use a nipple tape, used to compress the tissue surrounding it, to make it less prominent.

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