You need not seek professional help to remove those ugly dents from your beautiful carpets. Explore the article for some valuable tips on how to get rid of carpet dents, without damaging them.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Dents

Dents can appear on your beautiful carpet every time you move your furniture around. It is difficult to remove these dents just by fluffing them with your fingers and you might have to apply some other useful techniques to get rid of them and smoothen your carpet surface. Restoring the beauty of your carpet doesn’t really take that much of an effort, unless the dents are really long and hard. This article brings some effective tips to help you know how to get rid of dents on your carpet, without calling for the commercial carpet cleaning service.
How To Remove Carpet Dents
Ice Cube Method
  • Move the furniture away from the carpet and check the number of dents it shows. Get ice cubes equal to the number of dents on the work site.
  • Drop one ice cube on each dent. Long and large dents may require two or more ice cubes. Begin with putting one cube over each long dent and if you think your carpet can absorb more water, put one more cube to remove the dent.
  • Allow the ice cubes to melt over the dents. The best time to remove the dents is night, so that the carpet can absorb the water over night. Doing it in the morning can be troublesome, as people may accidentally step on the carpet, spoiling your effort.
  • Check for the results next morning. Small puddles on the carpet may appear if you have put more cubes on a single dent. Use a white paper towel or colorfast cloth to wipe off excess water from the carpet.
  • Carpets that have held large and heavy furniture for years may not recover in a night's time. You can use a fork to gently pick up the remaining carpet fibers. Take care not to scratch the carpet surface too hard, with the fork.
Steam Iron Method
  • Before you begin this method, try fluffing the carpet with your fingers. This will help loosen the carpet fibers and get them back in their original state.
  • Take a terrycloth towel, dampen it, and lay it over your carpet divot. Rub the damp towel on the carpet, so that it becomes a little damp as well.
  • Preheat your steam iron to cotton setting. Carefully iron on the top of towel, placed over the dented carpet area. Take care that you iron lightly or it may cause damage to the carpet.
  • Let the towel remain over the carpet until completely dry. The dent should completely disappear when you take off the towel.
Blow Dryer Method
  • A blow dryer can also be used to get rid of dents on your carpet, but make sure you don’t use it in the ice cub method, to dry the damp carpet.
  • Spray some water on the dents, with a spray bottle and then use the blow dryer to dry the damp carpet areas.
  • Once the carpet is dry, fluff it up with your fingers. You can use a fork or a pasta server in place of your fingers as well.
  • This method will work effectively on carpets made of wood and nylon.

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