Enhance your mental faculties and sharpen your capabilities by becoming a smarter person. Go through this article to find tips on how to become smarter.

How To Become Smarter

We all are inherited with a smart mind. But improving it a step forward towards a smarter mind is what we have to work on. For a mind not kept active will become less alert and lose its brilliance and intelligence in due course of time. Just like a broken arm, when freed from the sling after a couple of weeks, takes time to get back to its original functionality, the same is the case with your brain. The kind of exercise you provide to your physical body, your mind demands the same implementation and training. When left aside and idle for a while, your brain tends to become inactive and less energetic. Thus, to become smarter than the smart and the smartest, you have to pep up your mind in the right route. After all, it’s not the same as wearing the best clothes or portraying a know-it-all kind of image. Find tips on how to become a smarter person by glancing through the tips listed herein.
How To Get Smarter
Exercise Your Brain
Just like you workout to build and strengthen your muscles, your brain, too, requires proper exercises to sharpen itself. Often, it is assumed to be a useless body part, but this is not true. As such, whenever you are engaging yourself in some activities, you are exercising your brain. Consider practicing activities, such as puzzles, crafts, reading, painting, gardening, and other recreational activities that will refresh and rejuvenate you and your mind, in particular.
Read Quality Books
Most of us love reading. But we often end up reading fiction, suspense, or romantic books. However, these books do not mentally stimulate us. So, if you really want to improve your thinking and writing skills, pick up books that force you to really focus. Read a classic novel that changes your perspective towards this world and exposes you to precise, elegant English. Do not feel shy to pick up new words and find their meanings. This, in turn, will make you smarter with a more comprehensive vocabulary. Make reading fun as well as useful.
Avoid The Idiot Box
What do we do after a long tiring working day? Pick up a bag of chips and a can of cola only to land up in front of the television. Though there is no problem with refreshing yourself while watching a reality or a talk show, it doesn’t really put your mental capacity into use. Further, watching television continuously does not relax you, instead, it exhausts you. Hence, pick up a book or magazine when you want to relax. Or, switch off the idiot box when you have friends or acquaintances around and indulge in a conversation instead.
Learn A Foreign Language
Researches indicate that learning an unknown foreign language boosts brain power. Quite smart, indeed, right! Learning and understanding the foreign culture through the language induces your brain to implement its muscles.  
Identify Your Qualities
All of us have had our share of several idols and dream jobs during childhood. A scientist, a social worker, an airhostess, a 40-wheel lorry driver, an astronaut, or even a rock star! But, in reality, how many of us are really able to convert our childhood dreams into a reality? Probably, just one out of hundred. That’s because to move onto their paths, we need to understand the values, commitment, and endless efforts to meet the requirements and achieve our goals. However, this should not be mixed with our idols. For if we try to imitate our idols, we will only land up making a fool out of ourselves and not creating a niche amongst the rest. Hence, it is important to identify your qualities and be yourself rather than being others.

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