Onions are known as much for their flavors as for their tear jerking capabilities. To avoid tears when chopping onions read below on how you can do it.

How To Avoid Tears When Chopping Onions

Every good thing comes with a little bit of tears. If you are digging into some tasty food then chances are that the flavor you are relishing was provided in part by the onions. And onions as everyone knows will simply not make your task easier. To prepare delectable dishes the onions will literally make you cry, and they are very famous for this apart from their mouth-watering aroma. However, going through this teary ritual day by day can make any one, other than seasoned cooks whose eye nerves are deadened, gnash their teeth with irritation. The tears are not the only problem. The onion vapors also induce a tingling and burning sensation in the eyes that can prove to be quite irritating especially when both your hands are employed, one holding the onion and other the knife. If you want to relieve the eyes by rubbing them with your hands then you will be in for a shock. It is possible that your hands will be soaked in onion juice and once you rub your eyes you will only be adding more juice to the eyes and aggravating your condition. So, if you’re looking to bribe someone to hold a towel, and rub your eyes every time you cut onions then you will be happy to know that there are a number of solutions available to give you a happy look while cutting onions. Read below to know how you can do it.
Avoiding Tears When Chopping Onions 
  • When onions are cut, the cells are crushed releasing the enzymes. So, use a sharp knife to cut the onions as the knife will slice the cells rather than crushing and so less enzymes will be released. Blunt knives will definitely lead to tears.
  • Chilling the onions is also a very good option. Refrigerate the onions for twenty to thirty minutes before cutting them. This will greatly reduce the amount of enzymes released by the onion.
  • If you cut the onions next to the kitchen exhaust fan then the strong draft will pull the enzymes away. This will prevent the enzymes from getting into the eyes. Wearing contact lens or glasses is also a good way to stop the onion vapors from getting into the eyes.
  • When cutting the onion you can breathe through your mouth so that the vapors pass through the mouth and get stuck in the tongue. In addition, when you breathe through the mouth the tear duct will be bypassed and so you won’t generate any tears. You can also cut the onion near a cloud of steam or running water from a tap.
  • You can also apply vinegar on the chopping board and then slice the onions. The vinegar is very effective in denaturing the enzyme. Even salt water is very effective in denaturing the enzymes. Soak the onion in salt water and then chop. Wash the onion while slicing so that the water removes the excess onions. You can also rub a piece of lime on the knife and then slice the onions. The lime juice neutralizes the onion enzymes.
  • Chop the onion near a candle light. The flame will draw the vapors towards it.
  • Though the exact reason is unknown, chewing on a piece of bread or gum is beneficial in avoiding tears while cutting onions.
  • The highest concentration of enzymes is located in the root of the onion. One method is to scoop the root cone out with a sharp knife. Then chop the onion. The next is to leave the root portion intact while cutting the rest of the onion.
  • One interesting option is to wear swim goggles or a diving mask. These will prevent the onion vapors from entering the eyes and also keep it away from the nose and mouth.  

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