The best way to get relief from pain and hasten the healing process in injured hip is to go for hip stretches. Read below to learn more on hip stretches for pain.

Hip Stretches For Pain

The hip bone is formed by the fusion of three bones of the pelvis. The hip joint, another part of the hip region supports the entire weight of the body as well as provides balance in any type of posture. Since, this is a high stressed area, injuries to this region are also very common. And with an injured hip any activity becomes a nightmare, as any movement shoots a pang of pain that makes it unbearable to move the lower back area. The best solution to speed up the healing process is to go for light stretching exercises, and provide heat treatment to the area. Heat treatment is very essential as the heat relaxes the hip tissues and muscles thereby providing the much needed relief from the pain. One should keep in mind that before doing any of the stretches given below one should apply heat to the injured hip with a heated cloth pad so as not to stress the region further with the stretching. Also, while stretching stop immediately if unbearable pain shoots up. Given below are some of the best hip stretches for pain.

Hip Stretching Exercises For Pain

Knee Chest
Lie straight on a bed and pull the knees up to the chest. Then place your palms behind the knees and pull the knees towards the chest until you can feel a stretch in the back and lower muscles. Hold the knee to the chest till the count of five. Rest for a few seconds and then do it again. Do this exercise about 20 times.

Figure Of Four
Stand straight putting all the pressure on the unaffected hip. Bend the unaffected leg and place the foot along the inside of the knee of the straight leg. Rock the knee gently outward and continue raising the foot upwards. The higher you raise the foot the greater stretch you will feel. Hold the position till the count of five and repeat twenty times taking rest in between.

Sit on the floor, placing the knees far apart and the feet together. Gently pull the feet up towards the groin. While pulling the feet upwards slowly lean forward to increase the stretch. Make sure that you don’t bounce while leaning forward. Hold the position for the count of five and repeat twenty times.

Outer Thigh
Stand in front of a wall at arm’s length away. Keep the affected hip nearer to the wall. Behind the affected leg, cross the other leg, so that the good leg carries all the weight. Then bend the elbow and lean against the wall, and you will feel a stretch in the hip and side of the body. Feel the stretch for some time and then take rest. Repeat for about twenty times.

Cross Legs
Sit in a chair and cross the affected leg over the other. You can also do this stretching exercise while sitting on the floor. While keeping the buttocks flat and without rolling the pelvis pull the leg to the opposite side while grasping the knee. This will result a pulling sensation in the hip area. Repeat this twenty times.

Hip Abduction
Lie down straight on the floor keeping the legs straight. Then, keeping the knee straight, swing the affected leg to the side, as far as possible without any pain. While swinging, remember to keep the knee cap and the toes facing the ceiling. Repeat for about twenty times.

The various hip stretches for pain given above will help you to combat the severe pain that results from hip injury.

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