Unleash the Van Gogh in you with these exciting finger painting ideas and paint the world red with your creativity. To know more on this, check out the following article on finger painting ideas.

Finger Painting Ideas

You do not really need to have the artistic genius of Pablo Picasso or the creative forte of Leonardo Da Vinci to create your own chef-d'oeuvre! Nor do you need to swish the brush every time to create an artistic marvel. Sometimes a little creativity and loads of doodling can leave you with an art masterpiece, right at your fingertips. Finger painting is a form of freehand painting that allows you to play with colors, textures and needless to say, your fingers to create interesting graffiti. Now only if you thought that finger painting was confined to smock-wearing toddlers and school preteens, aimed to unleash their artistic expressions and creating little mess-terpieces, know that there is more to this art than tiny tots messing with gooey colors. This freehand art form offers ultimate niche for wannabe artistes, art aficionados and even the regular hobbyists to express their emotions just in the stroke of a finger. If you love to have fun with colors, then exploring the following finger painting ideas can leave you inspired.  Read on to know more on this.
Ideas For Finger Painting 
  • Do you love to doodle your ideas on canvass and find dabbling with colors extremely cathartic? Finger painting is a fun art that does not need refined aesthetic skills or artistic instincts. Just a splash of colors on paper, a little water and some free-winged inspiration and voila, you are good to go! To add more fun to your artistic endeavors, you can add a bit of texture to your painting. Just mix grounded coffee, rice grains, liquid starch or wheat flour with little water and food color and dab it on your canvass or white sheet to create interesting textures.
  • Give your artistic instincts a kick with interesting thumb and finger patterns and prints and unleash the Picasso in you! Duck your fingers and thumbs in a color palette and create interesting shapes, wiggles and waves with interesting finger smears and impressions. You can also use your arm and palms to whip up exciting designs.
  • Looking for interesting ways to pep up your painting? Try etching! Unlike the common painting technique where we fill in paints to color a canvas, etching is all about scuffing off the colors from the surface to create unique impressions. Just splash loads of color on the surface, smear it with your hands, and then etch it out with your fingertips to create interesting imprints.
  • Wassily Kandinsky, the famous Russian painter once said "There is no must in art because art is free". Pump up your inspiration with little dots to create mindboggling designs on your canvass. Just etch out interesting shapes and patterns and then dot the outlines with exciting colors to create cute designs. Dot painting is especially a creative option for preteens who can get on with this kind of free hand painting without soiling their clothes and sheets.
  • Imagination does not need moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and constant puttering, just one idea and you can land up with a chef-d'oeuvre. If you are looking to do something interesting with your fingers, just dab a little color on one side of a paper and then fold the paper into two halves and press it gently to create interesting mirror images.
  • If you are looking to have pure fun with your colors, just try stamping interesting hand impressions. They look extremely cool and make for interesting sights. Just paint your fingers and palms with exciting shades and stamp it on a paper for a real color treat.

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