If your child looks tired and pale all the time, he might be suffering from fatigue. Read the article to know the different causes of fatigue in children.

Fatigue In Children

Fatigue is a symptom, rather than a specific illness or disorder. Feeling tired and less energetic on a particular day than usual is common phenomenon. However, problem arises when people suffering from fatigue feel tired and lethargic all the time. Fatigue can make a person feel extremely low and will keep insulin level dripping, if not addressed at the right time. Nowadays, everyone suffers from fatigue due to an unhealthy lifestyle and children are no exception. Children experience fatigue due to various reasons, some of them being lack of proper nutrients in the diet, consumption of junk food, lack of exercise, improper sleep cycle, psychological problems, etc. By giving your children a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can help avoid fatigue in them. Read on to know the different causes of fatigue in children. After all, childhood is one of the most enjoyable and cherished times in any person’s life and you would not want your child to miss the fun, just because he/she feels more tired than usual!
Different Causes Of Fatigue In Children
Lack Of Sleep
Most kids suffer from insufficient sleep during different developmental stages. Getting tired occasionally due to lack of sleep on the previous night is normal, but danger signals ring when your child gets tired on a regular basis, due to improper sleep pattern. Put your child to bed one hour earlier than the previous week and see the effect.
Lack Of Proper Nutrition
Inadequate or improper nutrition adds up the causes of fatigue in children. Your child may not be getting the essential vitamins and other nutrients required by the body. Junk food like French fries, burgers and pizzas do no good to a child’s body. Add to this is the risk of obesity. Do away with the junk and make your child eat a healthy nutritious diet.
Lack Of Exercise
Lack of proper exercise can make the child inactive and more prone to tiredness. Wake up your child early so that he/she is off the couch. Hit the outdoors, along with your kiddo and play a sport or get going with some exercises to refresh the two of you. In no time, you would notice the change in the energy levels of your child.
Unlike a popular belief that only adults suffer from depression, kids, too, experience stress in their daily lives due to a number of reasons. A major distress or disturbance in the family, such as divorce or death can be the reason behind your child’s lethargic behavior. Mounting pressure in school or the need to excel in every class test can also make your child stressed out. In such cases, you must consult a therapist for your kid.
Anemia is another major reason for fatigue in children. Anemic children are more likely to complain of tiredness, due to lack of iron in their blood. These children are easily fatigued, since the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain reduces considerably, due to anemia.
Too Many Activities
In case you are thinking that by keeping your children involved in work, you are keeping them out of trouble, think again. Your kid is likely to suffer from fatigue due to too many activities. Consider the activities delegated to your child once again. Observe for a week and see the difference in the attitude of your child and his/her ability to function.
Air Quality
Air quality is a surprising cause of fatigue in children. The child’s energy is reduced to zero, if he is exposed to unclean air. Keeping your children away from the blazing sun is a good way to restore their energy levels. Use an air purifier at your home if the air quality of your house is poor. Adding plants in your home is yet another option you can explore, as they are a good source of healthy air.

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