Love fast food and have an urge to gorge on them every day? Rebuff your hunger and read some surprising fast food facts. In this article, facts about fast foods are given.

Fast Food Facts

Are you a complete foodie? Does your mouth go watery every time someone talks about French fries or burger? Do you make a resolution every day not to binge on junk but end up gorging on more than the previous day? Is it hard for you to resist the temptation? If your answer to all the above questions is an unashamed yes, then know that you are a slave of fast food. Fast food has gained excessive popularity in the recent years, especially in the urban areas. Whether young or old, men or women, fast food is consumed by one and all on a daily basis. The reason behind this magnified demand of fast foods is the short span of time required in their preparation and cheap rate. As if this weren’t enough, the easy accessibility has lured the people all the more. Fast foods today are easily available everywhere, right from general grocery stores, small street shops to high-end restaurants. But before stuffing yourself with another bite of that tempting dish and satiating your ravenous appetite, know that fast foods are downright unhealthy and injurious for health. They lack healthy ingredients and rather contain fat meat, lots of sugar and refined grains. Fast foods act just as a filler and are the prime reason for obesity and other health problems as they have high amount of fats, calories, cholesterol and sodium. Read out facts about fast food in the following lines.
Interesting Facts About Fast Food
  • Americans spend almost $150 billion on fast food annually, an unbelievable rise given the fact it was only $6 billion in 1970s.  
  • The American fast food industry is the largest one in the world with around 2 million employees.
  • High calories are a prime characteristic of fast food. The high calorie directly promotes obesity and other health problems, but nevertheless, fast food is still consumed by people across the globe.  
  • According to the studies, fast food can increase the level of insulin in the body and therefore, a person carries a high risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • In the process to make French fries, a lot of potato shreds come out as a waste. Owners of the fast food restaurants started using this waste to produce another food item known as hash brown. Today, people love to have hash brown.
  • It does not really matter how big and classy the restaurant is, fast food contains bundle of unhealthy elements such as fats, sugar and numerous preservatives. 
  • A cheese burger alone contains more than 900 calories.
  • Some fast food chains rely on artificial trans-fats which are quite harmful and unhealthy. A regular size French fries contains around 4-7 gm of trans-fats. According to health experts, more than 2 gm of trans-fats in a day can prove to be extremely dangerous for the health.
  • After completing the entire process to make the fast food, all the important and essential nutrients are lost.    
  • U.S alone is home to around 300,000 fast food restaurants.
  • By considering sentiments of Germans, hamburger was renamed as “Salisbury steak”. The name hamburger was taken from the Hamburg steak sandwich eaten by the immigrants between Hamburg, Germany and America in 1800s.  
  • rBGH is a genetically engineered hormone which is given to cows in the United States. It helps to increase the production of milk in cows. Residue of this hormone is discovered to be used in the making of meat for hamburgers.
  • Every one knows that soft drinks carry a high amount of caffeine which is extremely harmful for the health as it promotes many severe health problems. Despite knowing this fact, more than 64 gallons of soft drinks are consumed by people in a year.
  • According to fast food critics, fast food not only destroys health but also affects the environment adversely. Some critics also believe that hamburger can spread fatal diseases among people.
  • After consuming a single burger from a fast food restaurant, a person has to walk more than nine miles to kill the calories.
  • Fast food industry is believed to affect the raising, slaughtering and processing of the cattle as well as chicken.
These facts must have come as a revelation to you, especially if you are a die-hard junk food fan. Now that you know the harsh effect of fast food, make sure you don’t fall in the trap. Exclude them for your diet and stay healthy.

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