Menopause is a natural phenomenon in a woman’s life. But what if it occurs before the stipulated time? Know what are the signs & symptoms of early menopause.

Early Menopause Symptoms

Menopause or the end of the functioning of the ovaries in a woman is a natural process that every female has to go through at some point in her life. By medical standards, this time is fixed during the late 40 and early 50 years of age. However, menopause in a woman may also occur prior to that time. Menopause before the age of 45 is known as early menopause. According to medical reports, at least 1 percent of women from around the world between the age of 15 and 45 suffer from menopause these days. But it is to be kept in mind that early menopause and premature menopause are not the same things. Menopause prior the age of 40 is termed as premature menopause; if menopause occurs before a woman has attained the age of 45, it is called early menopause. The consequences and effects of early menopause are many and varied. Read on to know what are the signs and symptoms of early menopause.
Signs & Symptoms Of Early Menopause
Altered Monthly Menstruation Cycles
Most girls suffer from changing menstruation cycles. While it occurs early in some months, it is late in some other months. This means that there is a dysfunction in the ovaries and that major hormonal changes are taking place in the body. The altered cycles are because of early menopause. However, menstruation cycle changes can also occur because of sudden change in lifestyle and lack of nutrition.
Less Lubrication Of Vagina
A drop in the estrogen levels in the body during menopause may lead to the drying of the vaginal walls and hence less lubrication during sexual intercourse. During this time, you will also lose interest in sexual activity. However, this may also be due to dehydration or less intake of water.
Loss of Sexual Desires
A woman who has reached menopause will engage in lesser sexual activities because lesser lubricants in the vagina mean acute pain during sex. Also, the imbalance of hormones in the body will drive away the desire for sex.
Abrupt Growth Of Hair
A drop in estrogen levels means a rise in the testosterone levels in a woman’s body. Testosterone is responsible for hair growth and therefore, the imbalance will lead to the formation of unwanted hair.   
Hot Flashes
The first months following menopause will see sudden hot flashes in the woman because of the imbalance of the different hormonal activities in her body. Also, metabolism is boosted after menopause, thereby leading to hot flashes. But this does not continue for long.
You may experiencing sleepless nights in months after menopause. The change in hormone patterns leads to depression and mood changes which directly lead to insomnia. Hot flashes also occur mostly during the night thus, disturbing the sleep.
The first few months after menopause will leave you very tired and restless. This is the direct effect of insomnia. Sometimes, women in their middle ages try to grow thin and opt for crash diets. This has a negative impact on their health and makes them sick.
Cramps & Pains
Cramps and pains occur in women before menopause too. But it is after menopause that the aches start occurring frequently. This is also because of the hormonal imbalance in the body.
Mood Swings
It is natural for a menopausal woman to occasionally suffer from angry bouts and then retreat behind closed doors. This symptom too is directly related with the imbalance of hormone production.
The consequences of menopause are a natural occurrence in every woman’s life but are more pronounced in those women who have to suffer early and premature menopause.

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