Summers are approaching fast and you need to decide on a design for your house ‘on a dime’. Check out these budget home decorating tips and create a whole new look.

Design On A Dime

Think you have the creativity to change the look of your lack-luster living room but just lack the finance? Don’t worry. If you are creative enough, we have the ideas for helping you to design on a dime! With summer season approaching fast, you must be striving to give your room a cooler and airy look. Though you want your room to look classy, you are a bit tight on the budget. However, you will be surprised to know that it is very easy to create a décor for your home with a limited budget and without compromising on looks and style. Go through these tips for budget home decorating for summers. 
  • The key to have moving space within your room is to have minimal furniture. Get the basic furniture like a sofa, table, chairs, or the bed right; the rest will follow. The bedside can have a side-table that can have a nice looking table lamp and some candles.
  • Get rid of the heavy curtains and opt for light weight fabrics in pastel shades for your curtains. The key to get that is by matching and coordinating the color of the curtain with the color of your walls. If the curtain is very light, add a thin white fabric right behind it to create depth and preventing it from fading quickly due to sunlight.
  • If your paint has worn out or has faded, consider doing it up. Choose colors like light green, lime, yellow, very light orange, shades of blue, etc. Sometimes, just renewing the paint can make a room look absolutely fresh and make you feel good about it.
  • Get rid of the wall to wall carpets and consider getting colorful rugs to keep at strategic places. Right below the center-table, in front of the bed or even placing colorful doormats can help spruce up your room. Round colorful mats that can be kept on both sides of the sofa along with vases can really make your room look good.
  • Place a big crystal or glass bowl filled with water in the center of the living room on a raised table. Let afloat some rose flower petals and 3-4 orchids, minus the stems. If you can get floating candles, nothing like it! A lovely centerpiece that will offer a cool look to the room in summers is ready!
  • Get a few small wall-hangings that have sceneries of the beach or a waterfall or a river. Change your heavy bed-sheets and opt for crisp cotton sheets that have cute prints like coconut trees, strawberries or anything summery. A new look for your bedroom is ready!

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