Chin acne is an embarrassing situation and finding out what causes it will help you deal with it better. Read this article to gather information about causes of chin acne.

Chin Acne Causes

Breakouts of any kind on the face are annoying and ugly. And ironically, acne outbreaks happen right before the most awaited dates or functions or important social gatherings. You are lucky if it is a once in a blue moon occurrence for you but if you are dealing with this problem on a daily basis then read this article carefully. The common phases when chin acne, or acne of any kind, is mostly observed are the onset of menstrual cycle and pregnancy. This weird and curious problem is caused due to many different reasons. Although sometimes it just feels like the universe is conspiring against you, it is not the case. There are scientific and biological reasons behind those unwanted eruptions and bumps. A good skin care regime, healthy diet and good night’s sleep are all that you need to take care of those nasty bumps that cover your face. Read the next section to know more about the causes of acne.
Causes Of Acne
  • Most of us have a combination skin on the face. Combination skin means the face is divided into two parts – dry and oily. The T-zone which comprises of the forehead, nose and chin are oily, leaving the rest of the face to be dry. Acne is a common problem in the oily region of the skin. It is when excessive oils accumulate and dead skin cells collect on the pores that bacterial infection sets in resulting in acne.
  • Knowing the fact that acne breakout is commonly sighted during puberty, at the onset of menstrual cycle or during pregnancy, we understand acne is related to the hormonal fluctuation in the body. Another theory supporting this hypothesis is that men do not tend to have acne as much as women. The entry of male hormones in a woman’s body during the time of hormonal changes leads to catastrophic acne problems. Just like hormonal changes one cannot control, acne also cannot be entirely controlled and vanishes the moment its cycle ends!
  • Whoever said, you look what you eat is a very wise person indeed. If you are going to feed yourself with junk and oily stuff, then your body will reward you by breaking into pimples and acne. Sugar is a culprit as well when it comes to acne related problems. Chocolates, fried chips, deep fried food should be avoided mostly and healthy eating should be preached and practised if you want a blemish free and smooth skin.
  • Certain strong medications, stress, oily scalp, dandruff etc are all equally sinister things that lead to acne and pimples. Unbalanced diet is another reason for many people who get chin acne. Sometimes, a change in climatic conditions also results in acne because at times, the skin is not able to adapt to the weather conditions. Humid and coastal climate is mostly not suited for most individuals.
The most advisable thing to do when encountering a chin acne problem is to consult the dermatologist and get an expert opinion. Including fresh fruits, vegetables in your diet and eight glasses of water never does any harm as well. Except for a few rare cases, acne predominantly disappears after the puberty age, or the menstruation period or pregnancy duration. So it is best not to worry too much as that will only aggravate the acne problem. Be patient with the therapies you are following. And patience includes resisting the urge to squeeze the acne and pimple or else they may form permanent blemishes on your face!

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