Given below is the list of some easy exercises that can be practiced while sitting in a chair.

Chair Exercises

As per the work culture of the present times, most of us are consistently sitting on chair for hours. The increasing work load and the pressure of meeting deadlines seldom provide a chance to get up, until the nature calls. This kind of lifestyle has brought many health related problems in the lives of people. As your body stays in the same position for long hours, the joints and muscles become inactive. Even the little time you are left with after work has other priorities attached with it. Thus, exercise does not fit into the hectic daily urban schedules. To provide a solution for the problem, some easy exercises given are below, which can be practiced while sitting on a chair.
Easy Chair Exercises
For neck exercise, straighten your back in a seated position. Now, extend your neck muscles by pulling them back. Start moving them in broad circular motion. Do this for a few seconds
For back and stomach, sit straight in the chair and raise both your arms. Now, slowly stretch yourself backwards, while lowering and raising your chin. Hold the position and gradually return to the original position.
For working out your shoulders in a seated position, lightly bend your elbows. Now, slowly rotate your shoulders in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.
For arms, sit straight and relax. Loosen up your hands and arms. After a while, shake them up, rotating them from front to rear and side to side.
For chest, sit in a chair and bend your back against it. While lying back, straighten out your arms, downwards. Hold the position for a second and come back to the original position. Now, repeat the process by bending your upper body forward.
For ankles, bring your feet together lightly and hold them high. Now, stretch them out, towards yourself, and then release.

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