Go through the different ceiling design ideas and learn ways using which you can make your house look more cosy and relaxing and provide it a modern aesthetic look.

Ceiling Design Ideas

Planning to renovate your house or construct a new one? It is not only the room designs, furniture, decorative items and the colours that you use to make your house look appealing and classy, but the ceiling of your house also plays an important role in adding on the looks of your dwelling. A modern and decorative ceiling completes your home decor and adds on to the beauty of the ambience. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for designed ceilings at least for the living room and the bedroom in order to make it look spacious and welcoming. It is the best way to fill up the emptiness of room that the high ceilings and large rooms give you. Mentioned below are some popular ceiling decorative ideas, one of which will surely suit your house type and will provide your house with a welcoming, attractive and a modern look. Choose from the below given design ideas that may be both feasible and accurate for the type of space you have.

Ceiling Decorating Ideas

Cove Ceiling

The word might make you think of a beautiful cliff or a mesmerizing beach, and this ceiling idea will give out the same appealing result to your roof top. If you have a low roof, a cove design can give out an excellent illusion of height. The design provides the perfect depth and definition to the ceiling.

Exposed Beams

Missing the cool and relaxing country side ambience? Now you can give a pastoral look to your house by opting for exposed beams ceiling design. The soft and tender feel of raw wooden beams on your roof top will provide an authentic look to your house.

Suspended Ceiling

A suspended ceiling style is an assuming step to take that will not just give a special feeling, but will also change the shape and texture of your entire room. Suspended looks are quite popular to provide an all new modern, more defining and integrated look.

Sculptural Ceilings 

The beautiful sculptures of any old architecture makes you feel majestic and gallant. How about getting this feeling every time you enter your house? Sculptural ceiling designs which use gypsum, wood and other such materials now make it possible to make your house look like an architectural structure. 

Cathedral Ceilings

The cathedral ceiling design angles upward following the pitch of the roof from the wall to the peak. This choice works out well on the illusion of space and is a perfect choice if the space around is small. However, it becomes expensive to heat up the room with cathedral ceilings because of the height of the roof.

Vaulted Ceiling

Similar to the cathedral ceiling the vaulted ceiling rises up like a cask making the room look spacious and airy. The only difference between the cathedral and vaulted ceiling is the arched or the dome like structure of the vaulted ceiling. However, both the cathedral and vaulted designs call in for a heavy wallet.

Coffered Ceilings

Give an aesthetic look to your house by getting concave rectilinear panels placed on your roof. These panels are mostly made out of hardwood arranged in a pattern that takes your eyeballs up towards the top of your roof.

Drop Ceiling Design Ideas

If you are a jazzy and a modern person and want your apartment or house to look modern and crazy, a drop ceiling design is the best option for you. Drop ceilings are lower than the other wooden high ceiling designs that make your room look small and flashy. The ceiling design makes use of modern and elegant patterns and light arrangements giving a cosy feel to your room. You can use this ceiling idea for your bedrooms, kitchens and drawing rooms. 

Tray Ceiling

Tray ceiling is another modern and great choice. The tray ceiling design is usually an ideal design for high roofs. Moulds are used at the border of the ceiling to make it look elegant and rich. A beautiful chandelier mostly hangs down from the centre of the ceiling. These ceiling designs look like an inverted tray, which gives the design its name. The design makes the room look spacious and well compliments any lighting arrangements made around it.

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