Caneel Bay is a luxury resort located in Caribbean. Check out more information on Caneel Bay beach resort.

Caneel Bay U.S. Virgin Islands

Caneel Bay is a luxury beach resort, located on the northwest side of St. John Island, one of the US Virgin Islands. The resort is situated amidst pristine natural surroundings and subdued luxury. The architecture of the phenomenal resort holds true for the environment. The 170-acre picturesque resort is bordered by seven secluded white sand beaches. The accommodations at the Caneel's have been skillfully designed to blend with the landscape. The resort serves as a retreat from the hum-drum of life, as it remains purposefully devoid of contemporary glitz, digital distractions and the fast pace of the world.
Caneel Bay
Caneel Bay offers some of the best accommodation options available. The resort houses 166 comfortable rooms, located amidst lush gardens and scenic vistas. These cozy deluxe rooms are garnished keeping in mind every detail, so that you are not deprived of any luxury. Each room is decorated with natural woods, native stone, hand-crafted furniture and richly woven fabrics. All arrangements have been made for your comfort, so that you can relax, as the cool ocean breeze whispers through the sprawling plantation. Along with world class amenities, it has vigilant staff to attend to all your needs. The different type of accommodation options available here are:
  • Courtside
  • Premium Courtside
  • Garden View
  • Ocean View
  • Beach Front
  • Premium Ocean View
  • Premium Beach Front
  • Beach Front Suite
  • Cottage 7
You can enjoy fine dinning ‘at its very best’ at the Caneel Bay. Get enchanted by the charm of the Caribbean moon, while savoring a romantic dinner at Caneel’s most elegant restaurant - the Turtle Bay Estate House. Situated on a panoramic peninsula, Turtle Bay offers an exotic menu of classical and creative American cuisine, served against a backdrop of ethereal beauty. Along with the sumptuous food, you can also enjoy your favorite cocktails. You can treat your beloved with a candlelit feast in the beautifully decorated dining room. Breakfast and lunch buffets are served in High Season, while afternoon tea and evening cocktails are served on the Verandah.
The Self Center at Caneel Bay is a meditation retreat, which aims at nurturing mental, physical and spiritual well-being. There is an array of mind and body treatments available here, for stress relief, relaxation, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of self. Moreover, the activities practiced in the Centre’s experiential sessions are especially designed, keeping in mind its visitors. Apart from this, guests can also benefit from meditation, yoga, holistic treatments and astrology and wellness consulting services at the Self Centre.
Once again, there are a number of activities to be practiced at the Caneel Bay, which will make your vacation a real delight. There is something for everyone to enjoy here. You can go for windsurfing, riding in sailboats and kayaks, snorkeling, etc. The more action oriented ones can play tennis and golf. In case your idea of vacation is to relax, then you can very well bask in the sun, by pool side, or go for garden walks. Sailing and scuba diving are some other available options for the adventure lovers.

Caneel Bay  
Caneel Bay
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