Resistance training increases your muscle strength and has various other benefits too. Read this article to know about the advantages of resistance training exercises.

Benefits Of Resistance Training

Resistance training includes weight training, stretching and flexing exercises, which help enhance the muscle strength and power of a person. It is generally recommended to athletes and can be started at any age after 18 years. For the below-18 age group, resistance training requires a lot of precaution. Resistance training should not be very vigorous and aggressive, for it can harm the muscles and can have adverse effects on the bones. When done in moderation, the benefits of resistance training extend across age groups, even to the older people. Read this article to explore the benefits of resistance training exercises.
Advantages of Resistance Training Exercises
Helps Reduce Body Fat
Resistance training exercises help in fat reduction and the toning of muscles. They build the fat burning muscle, besides burning out fat during the exercise session itself. They also improve the shape of your body, by toning your muscles and makes you look physically good. No other form of exercise sheds excessive fat in your body, the way resistance training does. They bring you in your best shape and also boosts your confidence.
Increases Strength & Mobility
The strength of your body is enhanced by a strict resistance training regime. It also promotes mobility and keeps you agile and fit. You feel strong and capable of carrying out varied range of activities, without getting exhausted. In fact, if you undertake regular resistance training, you would be able to lift a considerable amount of weight. The training can also effectively counter the ill-effects brought by old age, upon elder people. Weakness, which makes elder people prone to injury, can be avoided through these exercises.
Increases Bone Mineral Density
Our bone tissues keep breaking down and building up again. As the age progresses, problems are encountered in this process, due to changes in the hormone levels and activity. This problem is mostly seen in women, because of the varied hormonal changes in their body, at regular intervals. Decreased mineral content in bones may result in osteoporosis (thinning of the bone mass) as well. Resistance training exercises can address this problem successfully, by not letting the hormones maintain the bone mineral density, due to increased physical activity.
Improves Heart Health
Just as resistance training promotes a good physique; it also improves the condition of your heart, by controlling your blood pressure and not letting heart ailments attack you easily. It efficiently counters the risks of heart disease, if undertaken consistently. Maintaining a healthy heart is important to prolong your life duration and lead a healthy life. Resistance exercises can be relied upon to preserve a healthy heart.
Improves Mental Health
Any form of exercise helps you to keep healthy and in a healthy body, resides a healthy mind. Resistance exercises can be the best form of physical activity because it shows excellent results not only on the body, but on the mind as well. These exercises maintain your mental health by making you feel positive and ridding you of any worries about your body.

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