Vanity cabinets are an integral part of the bathroom. Read below to know more on bathroom vanity ideas.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Vanity units in a bathroom serve more than just a storing place for all your personal care needs. Elegantly designed cabinets are an integral part of the bathroom décor and add to the overall appeal, heightening the look of the bathroom. Vanities hold all the instruments to help you to spring back to life and face a bustling day, after a night of heavy slumber. So, vanity cabinets are extremely necessary, both for their usefulness and decorative element. The choices for vanity units are pretty much endless. But it is always better if you choose one that goes along with the theme of the bathroom and your needs. Vanity cabinets should not look like a couple of boxes stacked together, but be a part of the bathroom furniture. Given below in the article are a few ideas for your bathroom vanity cabinets.  

Vanity Ideas For Bathrooms

Stained Vanities
If you want to give your bathroom the look of the 1920s, then building the vanity with stained wood is the best way to do so. Woods like the walnut stained alder wood are especially good, as the colors look very impressive in the bathroom. Walnut stained alder wood vanity looks excellent with glass knobs, as they shower a sparkle across the room in light.
Floor To Ceiling
Floor to ceiling vanity cabinets not only add more storage space, but also give a completely new look to the bathroom. Such vanities allow you to keep all your bathroom needs in one place, which is why such cabinets are ideal for large families.
Double Vanity
Double vanities can be constructed in large bathrooms and in households that require the use of vanities by many people at the same time. It provides a lot of countertop and drawer space and some specially-designed ones even come with separate mirrors. If you want to decorate the bathroom with plants then you should go for double vanities as they provide a lot of space for pots and vases.
Vistorian Style
If you want to give a more personal touch to your bathroom vanity, then you can go for the Victorian style. The most basic ones can be just a rectangular sink coupled with a few drawers and marble countertop. A curved faucet with chrome cross handles complete the picture. Choose contrasting colors for the drawers and countertops.
Bright Colored Vanities
For the kids bathroom, bright colored vanities are especially good as the colors can cheer them up in the morning. Adding bright colors also gives the bathroom a modern look. Make sure that the handles are at the reachable distance for the kids or else, having cabinets would serve no purpose.
Pedestal Sinks & Freestanding Cabinets
For a small bathroom, getting a pedestal sink is a great way to save space and yet be high on the style quotient. Get a small pedestal sink that fits well. Couple it with a long rectangular mirror. You can also double the mirror space as a storage option. However, if the storage within the mirror is not enough to store your necessities, select beautifully designed freestanding bathroom cabinet.
Sleek Cabinets With Large Mirror
How about getting a large framed mirror with a sleek vanity for your small yet cosy bathroom? Mirrors atop the vanity can make the bathroom look bigger in size and give an illusion of space. Make sure that the vanity that you choose can store a lot of your personal stuff, without taking much of the bathroom space.

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