Shark liver oil has enormous health benefits. Read the article below to know more on what is shark liver oil.

What Is Shark Liver Oil?

You must have heard many people extolling the virtues of oily sea fishes and how beneficial they are to the heart. This they are indeed, as many sea fishes are rich sources of omega 3-fatty acids. And sharks are no exception. Many species of cold-water sharks are very rich in this beneficial oil. But that is not all as shark oils consist of many compounds that have been found to display anti cancer properties. For centuries, sharks have been hunted for their meat, fins, and oil. Various seaside communities have used this oil as a source of light and also as medicine to treat various ailments. Though there is a dearth of scientific evidence to support this, it is widely accepted that shark liver oil is beneficial. Regular intake in moderate dosage does improve the bodily function. To help you understand, read through the article below to learn more on what is shark liver oil.
Shark Liver Oil
What It Is?
Shark liver oil is brown or yellow colored oil that is taken from the liver of a cold-water shark.
Constituents Of Shark Liver Oil 
  • Contains alkylglycerols, which are a group of ester-linked glycerol.
  • It also contains squalamine and squaline along with vitamin A and D.
  • Other chemicals include esters of fatty acids, glycerol ethers, triglycerides, cholesterol, and fatty acids.


Cancer Treatment 
The cancer fighting properties of shark liver oil is still under research. As of now, it can be taken as a complement to chemotherapy as it prevents radiation sickness. The alkylglycerols of the shark oil is also used to treat leukemia. It is also known to increase the biosynthesis of the platelet activating factors. Studies on the effects of shark liver oil and its effect on tumors suppression and benefit to terminally ill cancer patient are still in the preliminary stage.
Immune System
Shark liver oil is a very good immune booster. Taken as a dietary supplement it is known to fight infection and heal wounds. Regular intake of this oil also boosts the immune system to ward off colds, flu, chronic infections, psoriasis, and arthritis. Shark liver oil is also said to strengthen the immune system of patients with AIDS. This is possible, as one theory, suggests that shark liver oil activates the macrophages. 

Non-Medical Uses
Other then the field of medicine it is used widely in cosmetic products and tanning oils. It is also used as high-grade machine oil in textile industries. Another use is to coat the hull of wooden boats. 

Other Benefits Of Shark Liver Oil
  • It has antioxidant properties.
  • It helps in maintaining a healthy skin.
  • It boosts the joint health.
  • It improves the digestion.
  • It reduces fatigue by raising the energy level.
  • It enhances the respiratory health.
  • Very effective in healing the wound.
  • Supplies the cells with more oxygen. 
Shark Liver Oil Risks 
  • High dose of shark liver oil can result in high blood pressure and so there is a high risk of bleeding.
  • The low density lipoprotein level in the blood increases on high intake of this oil.
  • Can cause side effects when taken along with heart medications and therapies. 
History Of The Use Of Shark Liver Oil 
  • This oil was used by the scandivian fishermen for hundreds of years for the treatment of irritation and cold.
  • It is an important folk remedy in Norway and Sweden.
  • Its effectiveness to treat leukemia was first discovered by a young Swedish doctor in the 1950s. He found that the alkylglycerols that are also found in the bone marrow significantly boost the white blood cell count in children.
  • This discovery led to the interest of using shark liver oil as a treatment against cancer because the oil is rich in alkylglycerols.

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