Launched by Samsung in India, the Instinct is an awesome mobile phone with plethora of features. Read the full features and technical specifications of the Samsung Instinct cell phone, here.

Samsung Instinct

The beautiful Samsung Instinct is the flagship smartphone of the electronics giant, Samsung. It has been recently launched in India. Read more about the Samsung Instinct and its features in this exclusive review. We provide an in-depth review, features and specifications of the phone here, in this article.
Samsung Instinct Mobile Phone
The Samsung Instinct has been designed beautifully. It looks absolutely gorgeous and has a huge 3.1" LCD display which is full touch-sensitive and has a resolution of 240 x 432 pixels. It also sports a camera and various other multimedia features like an mp3 player, camera, video player, etc.
Below the huge display there are three small touch controls. These are the back button, the 'Home' key, and a calling control. However, these buttons can be a little hard to use as these need to be pressed firmly for the phone to register the command. One drawback of the phone is the vibration which is real hard to notice if the phone is in your pocket or are you not really paying attention.
However, the other design aspects of the phone are almost perfect. For example, pressing the 'Home' button will take you automatically to the ‘Favorites’ menu, while selecting the calling control replaces the menu icons at the bottom of the display with some shortcuts for the speed dialer, contacts, the recent calls list, and the dial pad. Battery life of the phone is pretty decent with 5.5 hours of talktime.
The moment you hold the device in your hand, you will feel good. It's loaded with lots of features and has enough applications to keep you engaged for days on end, if not more. As soon as the device is powered on, it needs to be unlocked by pressing on the hardware button. The beautiful 3.1 inch screen lights up with a plethora of options located right next to your fingertips.
The touch screen of the phone is a solid one which registers your touch quite well. You can even use your fingertip instead of the bundled stylus to navigate through the various functions of the phone, which is always a plus point. This screen can be optimized for calibration, brightness, contrast and even touch sensitivity. Another interesting feature of the phone is that it is actually a hybrid device, which essentially means that it works on both CDMA and EV-DO networks.
The Instinct is equipped with good GPS features too. It uses the GPS satellites for navigation; hence it can easily locate you even when you're indoors. The swift EV-DO network makes location and point-of-interest searches real easy, which is a big plus point.
Now, let us talk about the multimedia features of the phone which is pretty impressive, to say the least. The bundled media management software is a pleasure to work with. It not only locates tracks on your PC but also tells you whether DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection will make playing the tracks on the phone difficult or not.
One can even watch TV on the phone. The video quality is pretty good though there is some pixilation that is noticeable. The Instinct has a camera as well. The 2-megapixel camera captures decent images in good light, but performs a little low on expectation during low-light conditions. If you wish to click loads of pictures with the camera, then make sure that the light is good. Moreover, the camera on the Instinct does not have flash; so that could be another cause of concern if you love to snap pictures anytime, anywhere. However, you can capture as long a video clip as you want, which is limited only by the memory on the phone.
Samsung has released a solid phone with the Instinct. One cannot help but admire the beauty of the phone. Coupled with some awesome features, it surely is a phone to die for. Now, all that is left to be seen is this - Can it become the iPhone killer? This, only time will tell.
Technical Specifications
Form Factor
Frequency Band(s)
800, 1900
Full Keyboard
Network Technologies
Voice Technology
Location-based services
Downloadable Applications Format
Java v3.1
Sound Quality
Phone Functions
Built-in Speakerphone
Internal Memory
2 GB (microSD card included)
Memory Expansion Format
Color Display
2,62,000 colors
Main Display Technology
Display Resolution
240 x 432
Includes External Display
Data Formats
EV-DO Rev. A
Included Games
Photo and Video
2 Megapixel
Camera Options
Video Recorder
Full Keyboard
SMS/ MMS/ EMS/ E-mail
Calendar/ To-Do List
Voice Memo/ Sound Recorder
Battery Performance
Talk Time
5.5 hours
  • 2 GB internal memory (card included)
  • Extra Battery included
  • Carrying Case
  • Stereo Headset
  • Charging USB Cable
  • Stylus

Samsung Instinct Mobile Phone  
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