A receding hairline can be reason for distress. Steer through this article to learn different receding hairline treatments.

Receding Hairline Treatment

Receding hairlines can make men feel very frustrated. Scalp hair plays an important role in one’s overall look, and a thinning hairline can be a serious blow to one’s self esteem. Many men get tired of trying fancy hair care products that promise to stop hair fall. Most men get lured by television commercials and try new anti-hair fall shampoos or gels, but end up being very disappointed when they see no results. Although male baldness is an irreversible process and cannot be cured, one can still slow this condition down with hormone doses that can inhibit the process of  receding hairline in men. A hormone called ‘5-alpha-reductase’ is mainly responsible for causing hair follicles to die slowly. Certain medications have been developed that can trim down or hold back the effect of this hormone, thus halting receding hairlines. To gain knowledge of the different receding hairline treatments, read on.  

Treatment For Receding Hairline
  • Hair replacement surgery is probably one of the most effective surgical treatments for receding hairlines. Hair replacement surgeries include ‘micro grafts’, ‘mini grafts’, ‘slit grafts’, ‘punch grafts’, and ‘strip grafts’. Depending upon your pattern of baldness, cosmetologists will suggest a procedure that is best suitable for you. You may also opt for ‘tissue expansion’, ‘scalp reduction’, or ‘flap techniques’, although these techniques are not very common and are quite expensive.
  • ‘Hair plug surgery’ can be another receding hairline treatment. In this treatment, small plugs of hair are taken and are surgically implanted on bald spots.
  • If you are suffering from frontal and mid scalp hair loss, your doctor might recommend ‘finasteride’, which is a synthetic anti-androgen drug that works by blocking ‘type II 5-alpha-reductase hormones’. This hormone is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is responsible for receding hairlines. The drug blocks this enzyme, thus controlling baldness in men.
  • ‘Minoxidil’ is another similar drug that helps in controlling receding hairlines in men. This drug can also be effectively used for treating frontal hair loss. The drug contains DHT inhibitors and works similar to finasteride by blocking the production of DHT.
  • Prescription medication such as ‘rogaine’ and ‘propecia’ can assist in hair growth as well. However, consult your physician for a recommended dose.
  • Combing hair using a ‘laser comb’ is said to reduce hair loss. The laser comb is one of the latest products available in the market that has been designed specially to treat hair loss. Many people suffering from hair loss have claimed to have benefitted from this comb significantly.
  • Advanced shampoos and conditioners stimulate and aid hair growth thus slowing down hair fall, if not completely stopping it. 
  • Many people prefer alternative methods of cutting and styling hair. For example, going completely bald or styling your hair in a different pattern can help conceal your receding hairline.
  • If you want to avoid surgery, you can buy quality hair extensions.
  • Most men don’t take action until it’s too late. Unless you are okay with your appearance or want to keep yourself hassle free, you need to take some measure to control your receding hairline. Act as soon as you notice early signs of receding hairline to avoid complete baldness later on.

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